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MyMaternityHealth for Employers

Welcome a Bundle of Joy Without a Bundle of Bills

MyMaternityHealth combines Vanderbilt’s world-class medical care with an exceptional service experience for expectant mothers. The program “bundles” all the services an expectant mother and baby need for the entire length of the pregnancy, from the initial prenatal care visit through delivery and 12 weeks after delivery. Specific services include:

  • A single bundle price for C-sections and vaginal deliveries
  • Physician and hospital services, imaging, labs and educational classes
  • Related inpatient admissions, ER visits and observation stays

A Brand-New Experience

With MyMaternityHealth, employees gain access to dedicated, concierge-level support and a patient navigator who facilitates all non-clinical needs, such as booking appointments, navigating the Vanderbilt system or answering general questions.

Additionally, employees receive the following benefits:

  • ​​Choice of Vanderbilt Health midwives and physicians
  • Convenient telehealth services for qualified patients covering select pre- and postnatal appointments
  • Free educational classes, including lactation and childbirth programs
  • On-demand room services during hospital stay
  • Prenatal genetic testing is available on a self-pay basis. VUMC staff will perform the blood draw, but an external laboratory will handle testing. VUMC patients are eligible for a discounted rate for this testing service.

MyMaternityHealth - Welcome a Bundle of Joy Without a Bundle of Bills

Let's Get Started

Are you ready for change? 

If you're a patient, please visit our MyHealth Bundles patient page and schedule time with one of our patient navigators.

If you're an employer, email us at or call our sales team at (615) 421–0112 to learn more about how bundles work, our approach and the benefits of a direct partnership with Vanderbilt Health. 

If you're a provider and need more information about a bundles patient, please contact our patient navigators at or call (615) 936–BNDL (2635).

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