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MyOrthoHealth – Hip & Knee Surgery for Employers

From reduced risk to enhanced rehab – joint replacement re-imagined

As an employer, you know musculoskeletal conditions are huge cost drivers within your healthcare benefits. Joint replacement procedures for hips and knees make up a large percentage of this spend, and both are growing in prevalence across the country. At the same time, the average age of individuals undergoing surgery is decreasing. Do you have the right solution in place to ensure quality outcomes at the lowest possible cost for your workforce?

It's time to step it up. 

MyOrthoHealth – Hip & Knee Surgery combines Vanderbilt’s world-class medical care with a re-imagined approach that delivers a better experience for your employees at a lower cost, while ensuring appropriate care and a faster return to work. This bundle includes coverage of both hip and knee replacement procedures.

Exceptional care. Better experience. Lower costs.

With MyOrthoHealth– Hip & Knee Surgery, you benefit from:

Sound decisions – Only patients who can truly benefit from surgery will be enrolled in a MyOrthoHealth – Hip & Knee Surgery bundle. Additionally, patients who clearly need surgery can avoid unnecessary treatments that won’t help their symptoms.

Increased predictability - We will decrease your spend without comprising quality and outcomes, mitigating your financial risk from high-cost complications such as ER visits and hospital admissions post-surgery.

Blended rates – As part of bundled pricing, joint replacements are the same expense whether conducted as in-patient or out-patient procedures. This results in cost savings for the employer while allowing employees to get the right level of care.

Virtual patient education and rehab – Our digital-friendly approach includes the use of telehealth visits and a digital care platform that delivers virtual patient education and rehab for patients. This approach is more convenient for employees, more cost-effective for employers and produces high-quality results.

Concierge treatment - From assisting with surgery prep to check-ins during recovery, our patient navigators will help your employees manage their care at every step of the process.

What’s Included

The MyOrthoHealth– Hip & Knee Surgery bundle includes coordinated, proactive care from the initial surgical visit through surgery and rehabilitation. Services include:

  • Concierge support from a dedicated Patient Navigator
  • Office visits pre-and-post surgery
  • Specialist visits for surgery clearance
  • Telehealth options for check ins and follow ups
  • All activities related to chosen procedure (knee or hip replacement) and hospital stay
  • Necessary durable medical equipment, such as walkers or shower chairs
  • Virtual patient education and rehab
  • No out-of-pocket costs 

How It Works

  • An interested candidate speaks with our patient navigator, who confirms eligibility, explains the process and collects required information. 
  • Once administrative eligibility has been confirmed, the patient will be scheduled for a surgical consult to determine clinical eligibility. 
  • If the individual is determined to be a good candidate for surgery, he or she will officially be enrolled in the bundle program. If an individual is determined not to be a good candidate, an alternate course of treatment is recommended. 
  • Pre-surgery education delivered via telehealth helps the patient prepare for the procedure.
  • Surgery will typically involve an overnight hospital stay, or in some cases will be offered as an out-patient procedure. 
  • Following surgery, patients will participate in virtual-based physical therapy through a digital platform that includes recovery goals, video-based education and messaging, reporting on pain levels, and activation of daily plans and recovery pathways prescribed by their physician.

Why Vanderbilt?

  • Clinical excellence – Our world-renowned surgical team consistently achieves high patient satisfaction scores and are leaders in clinical outcomes for metrics such as surgical site infections, readmissions and length of stay. 
  • Convenient locations – Patients can access our services at Belle Meade, Hendersonville, Franklin & On-Campus at Vanderbilt.
  • Comprehensive approach – We have a multi-disciplinary team and a wide range of resources available to support patients. We can make sure every individual gains access to the right level of care.

Let's Get Started

Are you ready for change? Let us demonstrate how MyOrthoHealth– Hip & Knee Surgery can make healthcare work better for your employees and your bottom line.

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