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MyOrthoHealth for Employers

From Reduced Risk to Enhanced Rehab: Orthopedic Care Re-imagined

As an employer, you know musculoskeletal conditions are huge cost drivers within your healthcare benefits. Surgical procedures for shoulders, hips and knees make up a large percentage of this spend, and they are growing in prevalence across the country. At the same time, the average age of individuals undergoing surgery is decreasing. Do you have the right solution in place to ensure quality outcomes at the lowest possible cost for your workforce?

It's time to step it up. 

MyOrthoHealth combines Vanderbilt Health’s world-class medical care with a re-imagined approach that delivers a better experience for your employees at a lower cost, while ensuring appropriate care and a faster return to work. Our bundles cover osteoarthritis, shoulder pain, and hip and knee replacement procedures.

Exceptional care. Better experience. Lower costs.

With MyOrthoHealth bundles, you benefit from:

Sound decisions – Only patients who can truly benefit from surgery will be enrolled in a surgical bundle. Additionally, patients who are clinically qualified for surgery can avoid unnecessary treatments that won’t help their symptoms.

Blended rates – As part of bundled pricing, joint replacements are the same expense whether conducted as inpatient or outpatient procedures. Through our innovative, condition-based ortho bundles, we offer a blended rate for both surgical and non-surgical care. This results in cost savings for the employer while allowing employees to get the right level of care.

Better care – With bundles, our providers walk alongside patients in a way that traditional financial models don’t allow. We engage in relational care with patients, which is dramatically different from the standard care they may be accustomed to receiving. This personalized approach is higher-touch and more convenient for employees, more cost-effective for employers and produces high-quality results.

Concierge treatment - From assisting with surgery preparation and education to check-ins during physical therapy and recovery, our patient navigators will help your employees manage their care at every step of the process.

Learn more about the MyOrthoHealth bundles:

MyOrthoHealth – Osteoarthritis

MyOrthoHealth – Hip & Knee Surgery

MyOrthoHealth – Shoulder Pain

Why Vanderbilt?

  • Clinical excellence – Our world-renowned surgical team consistently achieves high patient satisfaction scores and are leaders in clinical outcomes for metrics such as surgical site infections, readmissions and length of stay. 
  • Convenient locations – Patients can access our services at Belle Meade, Hendersonville, Franklin & On Campus at Vanderbilt.
  • Comprehensive approach – We have a multidisciplinary team approach and a wide range of resources available to support patients. We can ensure every individual receives access to the right level of care for them.

Let's Get Started

Are you ready for change? Let us demonstrate how MyOrthoHealth can make healthcare workbetter for your employees and your bottom line.

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