Addictions Program

Addiction Program

Our 24/7 Crisis Assessment
and Admissions Program

Program Overview

Our Addictions Program helps patients detoxify and get a solid start to recovery. This program is based on a very specialized approach to the 12-Step Program for recovery from chemical dependency and psychiatric problems. The program features group psychotherapy, help with leisure skills, individual and family therapy, introduction to 12 steps, physical conditioning, spirituality, and support groups such as Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous.

Because each patient is different, we offer compassionate, personalized care. Our aftercare and discharge planning services help our patients lead healthy lives after they leave treatment.

Treatment Details

Our program offers customized care to help patients live healthy lives without drugs or alcohol. We believe in including the family in treatment, because addictions always affect more than just one person. We offer a drug-free environment where we educate patients about alcohol and drug abuse and provide psychotherapy. We also work with patients to create a thorough aftercare plan to prevent relapse after treatment.

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