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Familiar Faces

The Vanderbilt Familiar Faces program is a team of healthcare specialists who provide ongoing care for people with complex chronic conditions. These patients otherwise have relied on emergency care or repeated hospital stays. 

We are familiar faces to them. We coordinate care with primary care physicians and specialists when and where possible. Our team provides primary and urgent care in a dedicated clinic. We also provide inpatient care in a dedicated unit if admission to the hospital is necessary.

We create customized care plans addressing patients’ environmental, behavioral, emotional, physical and functional needs. The goal is to improve patients’ health and quality of life while reducing their need for stressful and expensive emergency care.

Conditions We Treat

We care for patients with multiple complex medical conditions. Such conditions include but are not limited to:

Meet Your Care Team

Merranda D. Holmes

Merranda D. HolmesMD

    Hospital Medicine, Internal Medicine
Scott S. Lee

Scott S. LeeMD, PhD

    Hospital Medicine, Internal Medicine
Taina Ovchinnikov

Taina OvchinnikovMSN

    Diabetes, Environmental Medicine, Hospital Medicine, Hypertension, Inpatient Pediatric Medicine, Internal Medicine, Quality Improvement

Why Choose Familiar Faces at Vanderbilt

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    Personalized care

    To our patients, we are familiar faces. We are a key point of contact for their ongoing healthcare. We work with a patient’s primary care provider and other long-term healthcare providers for regular and urgent medical needs. Our outpatient clinic offers a familiar, comfortable place when our patients need care they might otherwise seek from the Emergency Department.

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    Team approach

    Our team includes doctors, nurse practitioners, nurse case manager, social worker, pharmacist and nurses who work together to offer care tailored to each patient’s medical challenges.

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    Urgent, same-day care

    This care is provided in a dedicated clinic, separate from the Emergency Department.

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    Customized care plan

    Patients receive follow-up care, referrals, social worker support, pharmacist-directed medication management, health education and more, according to individual needs.

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    Dedicated inpatient unit

    Patients cared for by the Familiar Faces team who need hospitalization will be admitted to our unit in Medical Center North when possible.

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    Direct phone access

    Patients can reach a Familiar Faces team member at any time by phone or text. We check on patients immediately after hospital discharges and between regular appointments.

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    Follow-up after hospitalization

    Patients will be seen by providers after a hospitalization to ensure the patient continues to improve after discharge, answer questions, ensure the right medications are prescribed and meet any other needs.

Tests, Treatments and Services

Vanderbilt Familiar Faces does not treat patients while they are in critical care units (medical, surgical or cardiac) or when patients are admitted at the Vanderbilt Psychiatric Hospital. Vanderbilt Familiar Faces manages patients when they are transferred to the general medicine unit.

Because our patients have a wide range of chronic conditions and symptoms, we offer many tests and treatments typically offered by urgent care clinics or the Emergency Department. These include but are not limited to:

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    Breathing treatments
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    Blood tests
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    Earwax removal
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    Follow-up care
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    Health education
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    Immunizations and vaccinations


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