Interpreter Services

Interpreter Services

(615) 322-7378
8 a.m.-4:30 p.m. Monday-Friday

After hours, weekends and holidays:
Spanish interpreter:
Monroe Carell Jr Children's Hospital at Vanderbilt: (615) 835-0507
Vanderbilt University Hospital: (615) 835-9798

Any other languages
Language Line Services: (866) 874-3972
Adult client ID: 218443
Pediatric client ID: 218442

Optimal Phone Interpreters:  (877) 746-4674

Interpreter Services Provider Member of the International Medical Interpreters Association

Interpreter Services

The Interpreter Services Office helps patients who are deaf and hard of hearing, visually impaired or speak limited English. These services include:

  • American Sign Language (ASL) interpreters
  • Readers for patients who are visually impaired or blind
  • Assistive listening devices
  • Patient Rights and Responsibilities documents in Braille
  • Access to qualified interpreters for patients with Limited English Proficiency (LEP)

On-site interpreters for the following languages are available:

  • Arabic
  • Spanish

How to Request an Interpreter (for staff)

Sign language interpreters
For services for the deaf and hard of hearing, please contact Bridges directly by email or by phone at (615) 248-8828.

On-site Interpreters
When you schedule an appointment for an LEP patient, Interpreter Services receives an automatic interpreter request in Epic. The patient's preferred language must be selected in the demographics section of his or her chart. If you do not use EPIC, need to schedule a procedure or surgery, or have a last-minute request, you can email by clicking here or by calling the office at (615) 322-7378.

If you schedule an appointment after 4 p.m., Interpreter Services can't provide an interpreter for the morning of the following day.

Check the on-site interpreter schedule for a summary of when these services are available. To reach the Spanish interpreter, staff members can page (615) 835-9798 (Vanderbilt University Hospital) or (615) 835-0507 (Monroe Carell Jr. Children's Hospital at Vanderbilt). To reach the Arabic interpreter, staff can page (615) 835-7676.

Telephone interpreters
Interpreter Services provides 24-hour access to telephone interpreters. For any language, staff members can call (866) 874-3972 or (877) 746-4674.

Document Translation and Revision

The Interpreter Services Office can translate medical center forms. For more information, click here.

Service for Visually Impaired Patients

For more information about finding a reader and/or Braille documents for visually impaired patients, please call (615) 322-7378.

Services for Deaf or Hearing Impaired Patients

Vanderbilt serves patients who are deaf or hard of hearing through the Tennessee Relay Service. If you are a patient who is deaf or hard of hearing and would like to reach Vanderbilt, use your personal TTY and dial 711. (711 dialing access doesnt work for Video Relay Service, Internet Protocol Relay or IPTCTS Relay calls because they are initiated through the Internet.)

If you need to reach a patient who is deaf or hard of hearing, you may do so using a TTY (which can be checked out from the Interpreter Services office) or simply dial 711 from your office phone, then enter the phone number you are trying to reach. (Remember to dial 9 for an outside line before dialing 711.)

Questions or Feedback

Email the manager, T. Hope Collins, or contact the Interpreter Services Office at (615) 322-7378.

Staff who would like to order a list of interpreter phone numbers to clip to their employee badge can call (615) 322-7378.