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Common Questions about the Comprehensive Assessment Program

  • Will my VCAP assessment be considered valid by my state or province licensing board?

    VCAP has evaluated clients from over 35 states and 3 Canadian provinces. Our evaluation reports have been recognized by these licensing bodies.

  • How much will my evaluation cost?

    The standard fee for an assessment is $6,000. Additional costs may be incurred for neuropsychological testing or polygraph examination. Any sub-specialty consultations needed within Vanderbilt are charged in addition to the standard fee and are billed separately.

  • What costs are not covered in my evaluation?

    Court preparation and testimony will be charged separately from the evaluation at the rate of $500 per hour. A deposit will be required.

  • Can I use my insurance for a comprehensive evaluation?

    VCAP is unable to accept insurance. We have been unsuccessful in arranging a CPT code acceptable to insurers for our evaluations because the number of professionals involved and the psychological tests administered vary according to the diagnosis.

    Our clients (and we) have discovered that there is very little likelihood of insurance reimbursement, even after expending considerable time and effort in pursuit of the same. VCAP has therefore adopted the following policy regarding insurance:

    • We are unable to complete insurance forms
    • We are unable to provide itemized statements beyond a list of services provided
    • We are unable to communicate with representatives of insurance companies

    Should the insured person choose to pursue reimbursement by submitting a paid receipt to the insurance company for VCAP services, it is the sole responsibility of the insured to do so.

  • Is the evaluation inpatient or outpatient?

    A typical assessment is done on an intensive outpatient basis, over two to four days. If necessary, we have the capability to hospitalize clients at the Vanderbilt Psychiatric Hospital.

  • Where should I stay during my evaluation?
    • Embassy Suites Vanderbilt: (615) 320-8899
    • Hampton Inn Vanderbilt: (615) 329-1144
    • Courtyard Marriott: (615) 327-9900
    • Nashville Marriott at Vanderbilt: (800) 285-0190
    • Holiday Inn Select Vanderbilt: (615) 327-4707
    • Holiday Inn Express Downtown: (615) 244-0150
    • Loew’s Vanderbilt Plaza: (615) 320-1700
    • Aloft Nashville West End: (615) 329-4200
  • How long until I get results of my evaluation?

    VCAP strives to generate a report within two to three weeks post assessment.

  • How much time will the evaluation take?

    A typical comprehensive evaluation will take two to four working days, depending on the complexity of the issues that need to be addressed.

  • Is VCAP able to evaluate physician technical skills?

    No. We will be glad to discuss the options available for these evaluations.

  • Don’t you just refer everyone you see to a residential treatment program?

    No. We strive to provide individualized assessments. VCAP is aware of a wide variety of effective services available to professionals on a national level.

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