Financial Assistance / Financial Assistance Policy / Services excluded from Eligible Health Care Services

Services excluded from Eligible Health Care Services

The following services are excluded from the definition of “Eligible Health Care Services” and are not covered by the Financial Assistance Policy:

Any contractual allowances

  • Cosmetic services or elective services that are not medically necessary;
  • Market Sensitive services where Alternative Pricing has been developed and deployed;
  • Write-offs of amount due from third party payers;
  • Shortfall between reimbursement from government programs and the cost of services provided;
  • Write-offs of patients' balances when there is not an indication that the patient is unable to pay;
  • Experimental Services;
  • Transplant Services; 
  • CAR-T Therapy and related services;
  • Retail Health Clinic Services;
  • Vanderbilt Health On-Call Services; and
  • “PREDICT” molecular testing.