Behavioral Health Psychology

An illness or long-term medical condition brings more than just physical challenges. Your mental and emotional health can be affected, too. Dayani Health Psychology at Vanderbilt University Medical Center helps adults with mental and emotional problems related to their medical conditions or that may interfere with recovery.

Our health psychology service focuses on heart, lung and voice disorders. Patients may learn a variety of tactics, including breathing exercises and visualization training. You need a referral from your doctor to meet with our health psychologist.

Benefits of Health Psychology

Decreased stress or anxiety
Improved self-confidence dealing with medical conditions.
Fewer challenges in following exercise, diet or medication recommendations.

Limits of Health Psychology

This service is not meant for chronic or severe mental health conditions. People referred to our health psychologist must be alert, fully oriented and pose no danger to themselves or others. General mental health treatment is available through Vanderbilt Behavioral Health

Our Health Psychologist