Comprehensive Care Clinic / Obstetrics Clinic

Obstetrics Clinic

The Obstetric Comprehensive Care Clinic (OC3), a component of the Vanderbilt Comprehensive Care Clinic, began in March of 1999. Since that time, the OC3 clinic has delivered more than 300 HIV-negative babies. The OC3 team consists of clinicians and case managers from the Vanderbilt Comprehensive Care Clinic, Vanderbilt OB/GYN, and Vanderbilt Pediatrics Infectious Diseases. The multidisciplinary team follows each woman through pregnancy, as well as mom and infant postpartum.


Pre-Conception Counseling
The OC3 assists with family planning for HIV affected couples in cases where one or both partners are HIV positive (seroconcordant or serodiscourdant). Our services include assisted reproductive techniques which help prevent perinatal transmission as well as transmission to a partner.

Primary and Specialty Medical Care
The VCCC has been named by The Joint Commission as a Primary Care Medical Home for HIV patients. Patients have increased access to their primary care clinician and interdisciplinary health care team. Care is tracked and coordinated, supported by increasing use of health information technology.

Maternal-Fetal Medicine/OBGYN
Each pregnant, HIV+ patient is managed by a Vanderbilt MFM provider who provides prenatal and perinatal and postpartum care.

Mental Health Services
The OC3 clinic has on-site psychiatric services available. We have a psychiatric team consisting of Psychiatric-mental health nurse practitioner (PMHNP), psychiatrist, and Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) counseling services.

Clinical Pharmacy Services
A Clinical Pharmacy Nurse meets with patients during each visit to discuss and monitor medications.

Social Service Outreach
The OC3 Social Services provide referrals for resources such as insurance and housing.

Case Management
The OC3 provides a Nurse Case Manager who assist in planning, coordination and monitoring of care for patients.

Pediatric Services
Babies born to HIV+ mothers are monitored by a Pediatric HIV Physician for 12-18 months postpartum until babies clear mothers HIV antibodies. A Pediatric Clinical Nurse Specialist meets with OC3 patients at each visit.

Nutrition Counseling
A registered Dietitian is available at each patient visit for nutritional evaluation and counseling.

Our Staff

Bev Byram, MSN, FNP OC3 Director
Steve Raffanti, MD, MPH VCCC Medical Director
Lavenia Carpenter, MD OC3 MFM OB Physician
Greg Wilson, MD Director Pediatric HIV Clinic
Kathryn Garguilo, MSN, CNS Pediatric HIV, Clinical Nurse Specialist
Lucie Raffanti, MEd, RD, LDN Dietitian
Susan O'Hara, LCSW OC3 Clinical Counselor
Sherise Stogner, RN, BBA OC3 Nurse Case Manager
Raven ORourke, LCSW, MPH OC3 Social Worker