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When the diagnosis is cancer, it can feel devastating. You may be overwhelmed about what comes next and anxious about the future. But you do not have to face this alone. At Vanderbilt-Ingram Cancer Center, our dedicated cancer experts are passionate about one thing: Getting you the care that is right for you, in a timely manner, with compassion and skill.

The National Cancer Institute designates us as a Comprehensive Cancer Center, the highest ranking by the world's leading authority on cancer. We also are the only cancer center in Tennessee considered a top-performing cancer hospital  by U.S. News & World Report.

Cancer Care: Why Choose Vanderbilt-Ingram

Our comprehensive cancer center can support all your needs, from providing a precise diagnosis to creating your personalized treatment plan to helping you manage your health after treatment.

  • Depth of expertise: You will find cancer specialists for each specific type of cancer. Doctors who focus exclusively on the type of cancer you have will manage your diagnosis and treatment. This high level of expertise means you are getting the most up-to-date, effective and appropriate care for your needs.
  • Recognized center of excellence: The National Cancer Institute designates us as a Comprehensive Cancer Center, the highest ranking by the world's leading authority on cancer.
  • Patient-centered care: We treat you, not just your cancer. Our team considers you as a whole person when planning your treatment, considering your health, treatment goals and personal preferences. We don’t rush you or pressure you into making a decision. We will always make time to answer questions or discuss a concern. We want to make sure you feel comfortable, informed and confident in your care.
  • Expert second opinions: Our team is also available for second opinions. Patients who have received a diagnosis or treatment at another cancer center often come to us for a second opinion because of our extensive experience in cancer care. Learn more about second opinion at Vanderbilt-Ingram.
  • Treatment for all cancer types: We treat patients with all types of cancers, from tumors that are easier to remove to complex cancers affecting many systems in the body. No matter how common or complex your situation is, we know it is not routine for you. Each patient receives the same level of care, concern and precise planning. Find out more about our cancer specialties.
  • Collaborative team: You don’t have just one doctor here – you have a team that works together. Cancer care requires the expertise of specialists in many different disciplines.
    • Cancer specialists, including radiologists, oncologists, surgeons and radiation therapists work together to help plan your treatment.
    • Physicians in other departments, such as gastroenterologists and cardiologists, help ensure that you are receiving the most comprehensive care.
    • Nonclinical experts, such as engineers and physicists, also play an integral role in your care. We work with them to develop and refine advanced treatments, such as radiation therapy and immunotherapy.
    • Our tumor boards, panels of specialized cancer experts, meet regularly to discuss particularly complex cases and make treatment recommendations. Many hospitals have one general tumor board. At Vanderbilt-Ingram, our tumor boards consist of experts in specific cancers, so you get the highest level of expertise and skilled care available. Together, some of the nation’s leading cancer experts across medical disciplines collaborate on choosing a treatment plan.
  • Leaders in cancer diagnosis and treatment: Our technology includes innovative diagnostic tests that locate the suspicious areas with a high level of precision. As a result, you get a diagnosis that is prompt and precise. Once you have received a diagnosis, we immediately begin planning your treatment. We offer the highest level of personalized treatment. If you’re a good match for precision medicine, we can analyze your tumor’s DNA and the changes, or mutations that cause the disease, to get you the optimal treatment for your specific needs. People with all types of cancer turn to us for the most comprehensive treatment options available.

Cancer Care Services

Our cancer services include:

  • Prevention and screening to help keep you healthy and detect cancer in its earliest stages
  • Diagnosis, providing you with the most precise diagnosis possible so we can tailor the right treatment plan for you
  • Treatment, including complex surgery, medical oncology (the latest chemotherapy, hormone therapy and targeted therapy options), radiation therapy techniques, precision medicine based on the tumor’s DNA, groundbreaking immunotherapy treatments and access to leading-edge clinical trials
  • Support services to care for your body, mind and spirit
  • Survivorship care, helping you live your best life after cancer treatment
  • Care for all types of cancer, no matter how complex
  • An expert cancer team that tailors a care plan to meet your needs

Learn more about Vanderbilt-Ingram’s cancer care services.

Research and clinical trials

Our researchers are developing some of the latest innovations in cancer care. We are investigating cancer at the molecular level. Understanding what’s fueling cancer’s growth allows us to stop cancer where it starts. The next generation of cancer treatments is looking to “turn cancer off” so it can no longer grow and spread.

We are also leading the way in the latest treatments like immunotherapy. In fact, we performed the first successful procedure on a patient that used his own re-engineered immune cells to fight the cancer.

We offer a wide range of clinical trials, studying the latest techniques. Clinical trials offer an important option to many patients. We encourage you to ask if a trial is right for you. Find out more about our open clinical trials program and learn about our research and training initiatives.

Precision medicine

Precision medicine uses changes in the tumor’s DNA to match the right treatment to the right patient. We are leaders in the field and originated the knowledge resource My Cancer Genome. This national database collects information on genetic tumor abnormalities and matching treatments. Through DNA testing, we can determine if there is a treatment available to treat the specific type of tumor you have.

Through My Cancer Genome, healthcare providers all over the country can easily and quickly find the right treatment for their patients. Learn more about precision medicine at Vanderbilt-Ingram.

Care that works for you

We want to make our care work for you. For many types of cancer, a patient navigator is available to help guide you through appointments and scheduling. We offer some evening hours at certain infusion centers, so you can get treatment when it works for you. We strive to get you answers in a timely manner, to reduce your stress and wait time.

Patient Resources

Cancer Care: Patient Stories

Just before Anne Wolfe faced one of the toughest times in her life, everything fell into place. An unanticipated move to Bowling Green, Kentucky, put her closer to Vanderbilt — and the treatment that saved her life.

A Cure for Cancer: The Moonshot Initiative

Vanderbilt-Ingram is an integral part of the Moonshot Initiative, an ambitious federal program aimed at nothing less than curing cancer. Founded by former Vice President Joe Biden, the initiative is gathering leading cancer experts around the nation to develop strategies that will push cancer treatments forward to develop new therapies and prevention approaches. Learn more about our participation in the Cancer Moonshot Initiative.

Goals of the Moonshot Initiative include:

  • Develop vaccines for cancer
  • Devise more accurate early-detection methods
  • Advance immunotherapy techniques and combination therapy
  • Expand data sharing among cancer centers
  • Find innovative approaches to childhood cancers
  • Identify the mutations on cancer cells to develop better treatments

For Referring Physicians

We work with providers around the country to deliver the best possible cancer care to their patients. Our team consults with referring physicians before and during the treatment process.

To arrange a consultation or make a referral, call us at (615) 343-3700 or complete our online referral form.

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