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Second opinions for cancer diagnosis


A second opinion can be valuable for anyone at any point in a cancer journey. It may make things clearer, and it may allow you to make more informed and confident decisions.

Patients from across the United States and other countries seek out Vanderbilt-Ingram Cancer Center for our skill, experience, compassion and commitment to finding the right approach for each person.
We carefully consider all aspects of who you are. Our informed opinion will take into account your medical history, the tests you have had and any treatment you may have had.

If you already have a doctor and plan, this visit usually offers reassurance that your plan is a good one. Sometimes, we may suggest important things to consider that might change your treatment direction. In any and all cases, we’re happy to help.

Second Opinion for Cancer Care: Why Come to Vanderbilt-Ingram

Patients who turn to Vanderbilt-Ingram for a second opinion come to us for:

  • Specialized care

    When you come to Vanderbilt-Ingram, you will meet with an oncologist who specializes in the specific type of cancer you have. In addition, other medical specialists may be involved, based on your diagnosis and stage of disease.

  • Knowledge and experience

    Our cancer specialists have dedicated their careers to caring for people with cancer. The depth and breadth of our skills and experience mean that we can offer an expert analysis of your diagnosis and treatment plan. This perspective helps you make confident decisions for your care.

  • Treatment for a wide range of cancer types

    We care for people with all types of cancer, from common tumors to rarely seen cancers. If another cancer center has told you that you are out of options, you may find hope and care at Vanderbilt-Ingram.

  • Innovative treatments

    We are experts in the latest therapies, such as groundbreaking immunotherapy and targeted chemotherapy, precisely targeted radiation therapy and complex surgery. We can find the right treatment plan for you.

  • Access to clinical trials

    People seeking a second opinion may be interested in clinical trials. As an academic medical center, we can offer you access to innovative clinical trials testing the latest approaches. We are often able to use changes in tumor DNA to match the right patient to the right clinical trial.

Second Opinion: Preparing for Your Appointment

Here’s what to expect when you come for your appointment:

  • Records

    Please bring all of your medical records, including radiology reports, your medication list, scans from imaging tests and any other test results. Your primary or referring physician’s office can help you gather the necessary paperwork. (For your convenience, you can send your medical records directly to us before your appointment.)

  • Review

    We will review your records and talk to you about your diagnosis and any treatment you may have had. We will also communicate with your primary care physician or referring physician to discuss your diagnosis and the care you have received so far.

  • Further testing

    Our team may determine that we need more information to clarify a diagnosis or treatment plan. We may recommend you undergo further testing, such as blood tests, imaging or a biopsy. We will explain all the details about the testing so you feel comfortable with your care.

  • Next steps

    We will discuss treatment recommendations with you and help you prepare for the next steps in your care.

How to Contact Vanderbilt-Ingram for a Second Opinion

No matter where you are in your cancer journey, our specialists can meet with you and discuss your diagnosis and treatment. Call us at (615) 936-8422.