Burn Center / Camp Hope: July 14-17, 2021 / For Parents of Campers

For Parents of Campers

Can I visit my child during camp?

We dont encourage visits by families during camp, but your family is invited to join us at camp on the last Saturday for Family Safety Day. An exhibition of Maury Countys Fire, Police, EMS Departments and Vanderbilt LifeFlight will be on hand to give you a look inside their rescue vehicles. Activities will be followed by lunch and the closing awards ceremony. Please RSVP with the number of your group to (615) 349-5645.

What if I want to talk to my child during camp?

We discourage phone calls to campers. However, you can talk with the Camp Staff at any time to check in and see how your camper is adjusting to camp. To reach the Camp Staff during camp, you can call (615) 349-5645.

What should my child bring?

See our Camp Hope packing list (PDF).

Will my child need money at camp?

No, all activities are free.

What if I cant provide transportation to or from camp for my child?

If you contact the Camp Staff we can try to arrange transportation to camp. Please let us know if you need help with this when you submit your camper application. We dont provide transportation from camp to your home. You must make arrangements to pick up your child the last day of camp.

Do you allow cell phones?

No. We believe cell phones distract from camp activities and interfere with bonds between campers.

Who will supervise activities?

Our volunteers are medical staff, burn survivors and volunteers form the community. All counselors are over 18 years of age and have passed a background check.

Are counselors trained?

Yes. All staff receive training before coming to camp.

How are behavioral and disciplinary issues handled?

Staff are trained to provide positive reinforcement and role modeling, as well as encouragement of a sense of fair play. Behavioral management guidelines and camp rules regarding safety are followed at all times. Parents or guardians sign a Camper Code of Conduct prior to the child attending camp.

If my child is not enjoying camp, is homesick, or is not adjusting to the experience, can he/she come home?

Yes, but every effort will be made to encourage the child to remain at camp. Parents will be consulted before we recommend that a child go home.

Can siblings participate in Camp Hope?

At this point, our summer camp program is only available to children who are burn survivors. Family members are encouraged to participate in the Safety Day Exhibition and closing exercises the last day of camp.

For More Information about Camp Hope, Contact:

Brittni Davis, RN
Camp Hope Director
(615) 349-5645