Camper FAQs

Will we have free time?

Yes, there are scheduled periods of free time throughout the day, usually before and after meals.

What type of food will we eat?

There's a wide range of food served to suit everyone's taste.

What should I bring?

See our Camp Hope packing list (PDF).

What activities are at camp?

Activities include Swimming, Crafts, Nature Hikes, Games, Team Building Exercises and Burn/Fire Education.

Will I be the only new camper?

We always have a group of new campers each summer, so please don't worry about being the only new camper.

What does Camp Hope look like?

Camp Hope is at the William P. Ridley 4-H Center in Columbia, Tenn. Check out pictures at

How many kids and counselors are in each cabin?

We have 6 to 8 campers in each room, which are divided by age groups. There is 1 counselor for every 2 campers. Counselors stay in the same cabin as the campers.

What are the cabins like?

Campers stay in modern, air-conditioned cabins.

  • You will be sleeping in a twin bed. (Sleeping bag or sheets will be needed).
  • You will share a community bathroom and shower.

For More Information about Camp Hope, Contact:

Brittni Davis, RN
Camp Hope Director
(615) 349-5645