Aphasia Program

The Aphasia Program at Pi Beta Phi Rehabilitation Institute treats patients with language disorders caused by damage to the brain. Aphasia results in the loss of ability to speak and understand. Causes may include stroke, head trauma, brain tumors or infection. Our program focuses on improving communication through a supportive environment. 

Aphasia Program: Why Choose Vanderbilt

  • Highly trained staff: Working with our colleagues in Hearing and Speech Sciences, our specialists provide support to improve speech, language, listening, reading and writing abilities. 
  • Individualized care: After an in-depth assessment, our team will make recommendations for equipment and treatment to help you meet your goals.  
  • Support group: We offer weekly support groups for you and your family. These groups foster connection during sessions at the Pi Beta Phi Rehabilitation Center and through outside activities such as field trips and picnics. 

Aphasia Program: Services We Offer

Weekly aphasia group sessions offer an opportunity for you and your family to interact with others, developing friendships and a network of support. Group members choose discussion topics which develop communication, cognition, humor and leadership abilities. Graduate students facilitate conversations and serve as communication partners. They are supervised by speech language pathologists.


We offer other activities that you may participate in based on your goals and interests. To measure your progress, we complete annual communication assessments. 

Activities include:

Partners in communication (PIC): Each month, you work with the program coordinator, a certified speech-language pathologist, to set goals. Then, you will work one-on-one with a graduate student clinician, who will provide support to target your needs. These needs may include speech, language, listening, reading and writing.

Book clubs: These sessions help make reading accessible and pleasurable. Weekly chapter reviews promote communication exchanges, personal opinions and reading comprehension among a small group. We provide books, audiotapes and other book club materials.

Computer labs: You have the opportunity to practice aphasia therapy with computer programs and mobile apps, social networking or basic word processing with guidance from your communication partner. 

Current events group: In small conversation groups, you will discuss everyday situations from entertainment and news events to health and wellness. Discussions are supported through communication resources created by the group member and their conversation partner.

Recent podcasts about the Aphasia Group:

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Aphasia Program: Contact Us

To learn more or set up an appointment, contact our program coordinator,  Dominique P. Herrington, CCC-SLP at (615) 936-5051. 

Aphasia Program Locations

Vanderbilt Pi Beta Phi Rehabilitation Center
Medical Center East – South Tower, 9th Floor
1215 21st Avenue South
Nashville, TN 37232
Phone: (615) 936-5000
Map and Directions

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