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Pet Team Volunteer

Pet Team Volunteers and their animal-assisted visitations at Vanderbilt University Medical Center are another warm and fuzzy way we show compassion and care for our patients.  A visit from one of our volunteer Pet Teams, an adult volunteer plus their personal certified animal, may help relieve a stressful day.

Most of our pet volunteers are dogs. Our patients and their families love to interact with these gentle, but highly-trained animals.  Pet Team Volunteers visit patients and families in their rooms, greet them walking the halls or comfort them in our waiting rooms. 

Pet Team Volunteer Requirements

All pet teams placed at Vanderbilt must be registered and evaluated through a national organization such as Pet Partners, Intermountain Therapy Animals (ITA) or Therapy Dogs International.  Music City Pet Partners, Nashville Dog Training, and Therapy ARC are local resources to get started on the pre-screening and registration process.  Registration is required before going through Vanderbilt's volunteer training. 

Pet Team Volunteers must be at least 18 years old.

Becoming a Pet Team Volunteer (please review before applying)


The Pet Team Volunteer program offers placements in these areas:

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For more information, contact Angela Purinton at (615) 936-4800 or angela.purinton@vumc.org.