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Year-Round Volunteering for College

As a college volunteer in our Year-Round Program, you must commit to fulfilling the 50-hour requirement within a mostly uninterrupted six-month time period. This requirement eliminates students who must leave the Nashville area to begin a study semester or quarter during this six-month commitment.

First-time volunteers with no hospital experience will be placed as Guest Ambassadors or Hospitality Cart volunteers.

Following is our application process:

Step 1
Watch this video to learn about volunteering at Vanderbilt.

Step 2
Apply online. Please apply only if you will be in Nashville during the summer. Otherwise, you may apply in August for the session that starts in fall 2019. Please also consider these questions before you apply.

Step 3
If we accept your application, we will schedule an interview to determine if there is a fit for you in our Volunteer Program.

Step 4
Attend a volunteer interview. We will discuss if volunteering at the Adult Hospital & Clinics is a fit for you, your possible placement, and weekly schedule.

Step 5
Complete the background check release form. Volunteering at the Hospital & Clinics is contingent upon a completed background check. You will receive an online link and instructions for completing a Verified Persons background check (usually prior to your interview).

Step 6
Obtain the 
required immunizations, your Volunteer ID Badge and Vest.

Step 7
Complete our Online Volunteer Orientation and Training, developed to provide you with overall, broad-based knowledge about volunteering in a hospital and clinical setting. It includes education about responding to emergency situations. We also offer compliance training that covers the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) protecting patient privacy, among other topics.

Step 8
Complete the unit-specific training developed for your volunteer placement, which  may take place in a group or one-on-one setting.

Step 9
Shadow a current volunteer. You may shadow as many times as you need to feel comfortable before volunteering on your own.