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Radiation oncology for breast cancer


Radiation therapy, sometimes called radiotherapy, is the use of various forms of radiation to safely and effectively treat cancer and other diseases. Doctors use radiation to cure cancer, to control growth of cancer and to relieve pain and other symptoms. Radiation therapy works by damaging the DNA within cancer cells and destroying the ability of the cancer cells to reproduce. When these damaged cells die, the body naturally eliminates them. Normal cells are also affected by radiation, but they are able to repair themselves in a way that cancer cells cannot.

About Radiation Therapy

Why Choose Radiation Oncology for Breast Cancer at Vanderbilt

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    Team approach

    We work together to ensure that you receive the comprehensive care you need. Our team members collaborate with each other, as well as with experts in other medical disciplines, to provide you with individual care that addresses your unique needs.

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    Multiple care locations

    We offer medical and support services with easy access locations throughout Middle Tennessee, so you can receive your care closer to you.

  • Advanced care

    Our team provides many advanced options for radiation oncology, such as intraoperative radiation therapy (IORT). This option condenses treatment into a single session, which saves you time and may lessen side effects.