Travel Clinic / Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

The Vanderbilt Travel Clinic is offering the Yellow Fever vaccine and will continue to carry this vaccine through 2019.
In addition, we are now offering the cholera vaccine.

Do I need a Passport?

If you are planning to travel outside of the United States or the U.S. territories (American Samoa, Guam, Northern Mariana Islands, Puerto Rico, Swains Island, U.S. Virgin Islands), you will be required to show your passport. To learn more about obtaining your passport and passport requirements, please click here.

How can I stay healthy on my trip?

The best way to stay healthy on your trip is to start healthy. Visit the Vanderbilt Travel Clinic at least 6 to 8 weeks prior to traveling outside of the country to ensure you have received the proper immunizations for the area to which you are traveling. To learn more about the immunizations you need for your trip, contact the Vanderbilt Travel Clinic at (615) 936-1174.

Additional ways to stay healthy:

  • Be sure to take your regular medication
  • Avoid insect and animal bites
  • Prevent Sunburn
  • Be aware of the food you are eating and the water you are drinking

Is it safe to receive vaccinations?

In the United States, vaccines are continually monitored to ensure safety and effectiveness. A decision not to immunize involves risk of contracting preventable diseases that can be deadly or dangerous to you and others. Vaccinations, like any medication, may cause side effects. The most common side effect is soreness at the injection site. The Vanderbilt Travel Clinic team will review your medical history and current medications before the recommended vaccines are administered. This helps to minimize any potential side effects.