How We Can Help

The Vanderbilt Transplant Center's mission is to provide end-stage organ failure patients an opportunity to lead extraordinary lives. We are one of the South's main providers of kidney, heart, liver, lung, pancreas, stem cell and bone marrow transplants, with patient outcomes that rank among the best in the country. We offer clinical trials as well as rare state-of-the-art treatment options.

Our PREDICT program helps make sure each patient receives the right dose of the right medicine, the first time. We recently added a new drug to this program, tacrolimus, which helps lower your risk for organ rejection.

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Our Expertise in Practice: Dual-Organ Transplants

Patients with multi-system organ dysfunction may be candidates for a dual-organ transplantation. Despite the challenges of these complex procedures, our team has performed heart-kidney, heart-liver and heart-lung dual-organ transplants.

Read about Rex Parton, who received a life-saving dual-organ transplant at 71. 

How You Can Help

Life-saving transplants are possible only with the generous gift of life from organ donors. Please learn about organ donation options, including living kidney donation, and talk it over with your family. Learn more.

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Heart: (615) 936-3500 | Liver: (615) 936-5321 | Lung: (615) 936-0393 | Kidney/Pancreas: (615) 936-0695
Bone Marrow: (615) 936-1803 | Administration: (615) 936-0388

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