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The Vanderbilt Transplant Center is a leading provider of organ transplantation in the Southeast, giving hundreds of people new hope and longer life each year. In 2019, we celebrated our 30th year of providing lifesaving transplants to people from all over the world. As Tennessee’s only full-service transplant center, we offer the most advanced care for end-stage organ failure in children and adults. Our transplant specialists also perform lifesaving dual-organ transplants, including heart-kidney, heart-liver, heart-lung, kidney-pancreas and liver-kidney.

Transplant Care: Why Choose Vanderbilt

  • Depth of experience: Vanderbilt is one of the largest, most experienced transplant centers in the Southeast in terms of the number of transplants we perform. Our teams have transplanted more than 8,600 solid organs since 1962. We achieved a new record in 2018 with more than 500 transplants performed here that year, giving us a UNOS ranking as the sixth-largest transplant center in the country.
  • Superior outcomes: Our outcomes rank among the best in the country. This means our patients often recover faster than the national average, with fewer complications.
  • Dual organ transplant: Many medical centers only perform single organ transplants, but our team has the training and resources necessary to perform dual-organ transplants for adults and children, for those facing the failure of more than one organ. That means you won’t have to travel to another medical center for another transplant surgery.
  • A team approach: Our transplant specialists combine their expertise to create a personalized care plan that is right for you. They work closely with a team of psychiatrists and psychologists, transplant pharmacists, nurses, nutritionists and social workers to provide you with quality care before, during and after your transplant.
  • Innovative research: Our researchers not only use the latest research in transplant care, but also pioneer some of the latest innovations. Vanderbilt is one of the leading medical centers using organs from donors with Hepatitis C, successfully treating that condition and resulting in shorter waiting times for patients. Vanderbilt researchers also launched the PREDICT program. It uses genetic testing to predict which transplant patients are likely to develop serious side effects from a common anti-rejection drug.
  • Advanced technology: We use the most advanced technology as part of our care. We’re the only medical center in Tennessee to study the use of a technique called ex-vivo perfusion when transporting livers, hearts and lungs for transplantation. It helps preserve the quality of the organs before they are transplanted into a waiting patient. Vanderbilt was also the first medical center in the state to successfully transplant a total artificial heart.
  • Caring for veterans: We are one of only a few transplant programs designated by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) to provide heart and liver transplants to our nation’s veterans. We also coordinate with the VA to arrange for dual organ and kidney transplantation.
  • Pediatric transplants: Our smallest patients have a dedicated team of specialists who are as knowledgeable as they are comforting. We provide pediatric heartkidney and liver transplants through Monroe Carell Jr. Children’s Hospital at Vanderbilt.
  • Support services: Our transplant center offers a variety of support services, from social workers to transplant pharmacists, to help you before, during and after your transplant surgery. We offer a unique Return-to-Work program to help you get back to your job and restore your emotional and financial well-being. View our support services.
  • Access to clinical trials: As the only academic medical center in Middle Tennessee, we offer access to clinical trials investigating new, promising technologies and approaches to transplant care.

Vanderbilt Transplant Programs

Our highly skilled and experienced transplant teams care for people facing the failure of one, or sometimes two, organs. Our adult transplant programs include Heart TransplantKidney-Pancreas TransplantLiver Transplant and Lung Transplant. We also offer living donor programs for Kidney and Liver transplantation.

We provide organ transplants for children in need of a healthy heart, liver and kidney through Monroe Carell Jr. Children’s Hospital at Vanderbilt. Pediatric transplant programs include Heart TransplantKidney Transplant, and Liver Transplant.

Patient Resources

We offer a mobile app to help patients and families learn more about our transplant programs and living donation. The app provides program phone numbers, a team directory, locations and directions. Download and install our app in the Apple App Store or Google Play.

Patient Stories

James George had not one, but two transplants at Vanderbilt. He received a new liver and then about a decade later, a kidney. Now 67, he’s working on his Master’s degree and living a full life again without dialysis. See his story. 

For Referring Physicians

To arrange a consultation or make a referral to Vanderbilt Transplant Center, complete our online referral form or call a member of our transplant team.

Referring physicians can also complete and fax referral forms to our transplant teams. Download our referral forms:

Referring physicians can also access our mobile app – VUMC Transplant. Through the app, referring physicians can transfer patients to Vanderbilt 24/7, speak directly with our on-call physicians, fill out mobile-friendly referral forms and review our outcomes data. Download and install our app in the Apple App Store or Google Play.

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