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MyHealth Bundles FAQs for Brokers and Employers

Can I select to participate in a bundle anytime of the year?

Yes, a bundle can be easily added to a health plan at any time during the year. It doesn’t need to start at the beginning of the plan year. The program can be started with an addendum to the current benefits plan.

Is there an implementation cost or monthly fee?

There are no fees associated with implementing a bundle, nor is there a monthly fee for the program.

Does signing up for a bundle mean that my employees are restricted in which providers they can see?

The program does not require that Vanderbilt University Medical Center become the exclusive provider of services. We want to earn an employee’s trust, not restrict their choice of provider. Employees can visit other providers, but those visits will not be covered by the bundle.

How does the math work: Will I carry most of the cost with bundles as an employer? 

The goal of MyHealth Bundles is that employers will pay the same amount or less from what they historically paid under a fee-for-service structure.

Who pays the insurance copay in a bundles arrangement—the employer or the employee?

No one pays the copay in a bundles arrangement. That’s because payment for the service is directed either to the employer’s TPA or paid through Vanderbilt’s TPA. Insurance is not involved in the process.

Are bundles just for self-insured plans? 

Yes, currently bundles are for self-insured plans only. Self-insured plans allow us to administer certain benefits of the program, such as waive prior authorizations and offer zero co-pays that fully insured plans are more stringent on.  

Is there a specific number of full-time employees (FTE) required to participate in the bundles program?

​​​​​​No, there is not an FTE requirement.

Why are there only a select number of bundles available?

We started with the bundles that were the biggest cost drivers for employers that we surveyed. We’re actively working on developing more bundles. If you have a specific pain point and would like us to explore a bundle for that, please email us at We use input from employers and brokers to determine future bundles.

Do you provide communications assistance to help promote and activate the program with employees?

Yes, as an employer partner you have access to our Business Engagement Strategies team, which can assist you in developing and executing communications programs that best align with your needs. You will also have access to our Employer Hub, where you can find downloadable communications materials as well as submit requests for support.

Can you add bundles to a high deductible health plan (HDHP)?

Yes, you can add bundles to a HDHP. The federal minimum deductible requirements still apply; however, a HDHP likely still allows a significant cost savings for your employees.