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We carry many pre-made sunglasses, all with 100-percent UV protection. Many feature polarized lenses. We currently feature RayBan, Costa del Mar and Panoptx (with a built-in moisture seal great for skiing, motorcycle riding, biking, running, boating or any windy activity).

We also carry fashion sunglasses by many different designers. We can provide some designer sunglasses with prescription lenses, depending on the prescription strength, and any regular frames in our shop can include sunglass lenses. We recommend polarized lenses for glare reduction. Choose from our full tint sample kit, or pick any color and our lab will match it.

The ultimate sunglasses would include polarized lenses for glare reduction, an anti-glare coating on the back lens surface of the lens, and a mirror coating for fashion and additional brightness reduction. We have examples of these to show you in our optical center.

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