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Our opticians will ask about your lifestyle, habits and visual needs to find you the right lenses. Occasionally more than one pair of glasses is necessaryfor example, you may need a spare pair, sunglasses, sport glasses, occupation-specific glasses, computer-friendly glasses, etc.

The most frequently used lens materials are polycarbonate, Trivex or high-index lenses. A high-index lens is any lens thinner and lighter than plastic. They are popular for their light weight and attractive design, for a price only slightly higher than plastic.

Changeable tint lenses, such as Transitions, are activated by ultraviolet radiation. They’re clear when you are indoors and darken when you are outdoors.  

Polarized lenses are the best choice for sunglasses. These lenses have a special filter which blocks glare. Come by to see our in-shop demonstrator and see just how well these lenses work.

We use the most technologically advanced progressive lenses available. We also use a progressive lens that’s well suited to smaller frame styles. Progressive lenses provide clear vision at every viewing distance without the annoying visible line of a bifocal.

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