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Lens coatings

Every lens we sell includes a scratch-resistant coating and an ultraviolet protective filter. Other options include an anti-reflective coating, or mirror coat, for sunglasses.

Anti-reflective coating allows more light to pass through the lenses. This reduces eyestrain from computer glare, improves vision at night and eliminates light halos around car headlights and streetlights, and it makes the lenses “disappear” on your face. The anti-reflective coating has a 2-year warranty against scratches.

A mirror coat is used as a glare and brightness reducer on sunglasses, as well as to enhance the look. Mirrors block infrared radiation and create a cooler climate for the wearer’s eye, making this an ideal add-on for light sensitive patients. Mirror coatings come in a variety of colors, such as blue, purple, green, red, silver, gold or black. There may be others available so just ask about mirror coating when you call, email, or stop by.

A tint can be added to any lens for a variety of purposes. We also offer blue light blocking options from essentially clear coatings blocking 20 percent of blue light to BluTech lens treatments for computer eye-fatigue relief as well as a soothing view for neurological sensitivity. Blocking blue light is a great idea for those working long periods of time on computers as this wavelength of light tends to fatigue the eye. Too much blue light exposure during the day can also make it harder to fall asleep for some. We also offer FL-41 lens color treatments for those suffering from frequent migraines.

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