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Common Questions about V-PAVE

Who is eligible for V-PAVE?

V-PAVE serves students ages 3 to 21 who reside in Tennessee and who have been identified as visually impaired according to state eligibility guidelines for special education. We also consider candidates based on the likelihood of benefiting from optical devices. Students are eligible for a reevaluation after three years, unless there has been a change in visual acuity that warrants a reevaluation sooner.

Because V-PAVE does not provide medical care, participants must have had a dilated eye examination within 12 months of referral.

Who provides V-PAVE services?

Providers of clinical low vision evaluation: Lori Ann Kehler OD, and Joshua Robinson OD
Provider for instruction in use of devices: Brandi McRedmond, MEd, MA, CTVI, O&M

I am the parent or guardian of a child with low vision. How do I enroll my child in V-PAVE?

Contact your county’s Certified Teacher of Students with Visual Impairments (TVI). The TVI will initiate the referral to V-PAVE, and complete the educational components needed for participation.

Also, complete the contact form and return it to your child’s TVI or directly to the V-PAVE office.

If there is no TVI in your county, contact the Director of Special Education at your local Board of Education for a referral through the Outreach Services of Tennessee School for the Blind, or ask them to contact us directly. If your child is homeschooled or enrolled in private school or TN Virtual Academy, please contact us directly.

We require copies of records from your child’s last eye examination prior to enrollment in V-PAVE.

I am a teacher of a student with low vision. How do I refer my student to V-PAVE?

Have the child’s parent or guardian complete the contact form. With their permission, please also send copies of any educational records (FVA, LMA, O&M assessments). The parent or guardian must also send us a record of the child’s last comprehensive eye examination.