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About your first surgical oncology for breast cancer visit

The Vanderbilt Breast Center is supported by a team of surgeons with expertise in the management of both benign breast disease and breast cancer. Women with a new or recent diagnosis of breast cancer or other breast changes requiring surgical management are seen and evaluated by the breast surgeon.

Prior to the scheduled visit, patients are contacted by a pre-appointment coordinator who works with the patient to make certain all imaging, pathology and necessary reports are received before the appointment.  This is also an opportunity for questions to be answered.  Directions with instructions pertinent to the appointment are provided.

If possible, necessary preliminary imaging and/or testing will be scheduled and completed before the appointment. That way results will be available to the surgeon when evaluating and discussing a treatment plan with the patient.  The surgeon will evaluate the patient and provide counseling on options for breast disease management including the role of surgery. 

Once the decision for surgery had been made, providers from the VBC will coordinate any additional services required prior to surgery to ensure quick and efficient scheduling of the procedure.  The majority of services related to your care are at the one hundred oaks facility, making care convenient.

Nurse Practitioners in the Breast Center practicing with a breast surgeon evaluates and follows many people who have varying breast conditions such as:

  • Mammographic  abnormalities
  • Palpable areas of concerns or “lumps”
  • Family history of breast or ovarian cancer
  • Non-cancerous breast lesions for which follow up is recommended
  • Fibrocystic breast changes
  • History of breast cancer
  • Enlarged breasts or lumps in men
  • Other findings such as breast pain, nipple discharge, infections, skin changes

In the event that surgical intervention is indicated, referral to the breast surgeon is made.