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Why get a breast checkup?

Regular breast check-ups are the best ways to detect breast cancer early. Early detection provides you with an increased chance of recovery and a wider range of treatment options.

According to the American Cancer Society, there are several things that women of all ages can do to promote their own breast health:

  • In your 20s & 30s:
    • Clinical breast exam during your routine health exam every three years at a minimum 
    • Regular breast self examination - become familiar with your own breasts and report any abnormalities immediately to your health care provider
  • In your 40s or older:
    • Yearly screening mammogram
    • Yearly clinical breast exam
  • High-Risk Individuals (greater than 20%)
    • Yearly MRI 
    • Yearly screening mammogram 
  • Moderate Risk Individuals (15% -20%)
    • Yearly screening mammogram 
    • Yearly MRI is optional; discuss the benefits with your health care provider

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