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Vanderbilt Health Remembers


Vanderbilt Health Remembers is an annual ceremony in which we pause and remember your loved one and the impact they’ve had on us. We feature speakers from different hospital departments, a remembering of your loved one by name (with your permission) and special music.

See the following information about how to participate in this year’s upcoming event. If you have further questions about Vanderbilt Health Remembers, email

Vanderbilt Health Remembers

Common questions

Is there a limit to the number of family members with whom I may share the video link?

No, you may share the link with any family and friends who would like to join this special time of remembrance.

What if I have problems viewing the virtual service?

If you or your family need help watching the service, email Someone will respond to you within 24 hours with assistance.

Can I add my loved one’s name to the list after the virtual service?

Unfortunately, after the broadcast of this service, we will be unable to alter the list.

Can I watch the video after it has initially aired?

Yes, the video will be available for one year.

Can I be invited to future memorial services?

Each year we send invitations to families who have lost someone within the last year. However, the yearly service is available to anyone who wants to participate. Return to this page for information about future events or email

I am a staff member. Can I register a former patient of mine to honor them or share their story?

Unfortunately, only family and friends of patients can register a patient and give permission to share their name. However, we are looking for staff who are comfortable speaking in front of a camera and are interested in sharing HIPAA-compliant patient stories for this year’s event. Email if you would like to participate.