Vanderbilt Home Care provides caregivers for you in an environment where you feel most comfortable and independent.

Under the direction of your doctor, our nurses and therapists help you with daily tasks including bathing, dressing, eating and managing medications. Our caregivers also provide company and emotional support. When you receive care from Vanderbilt Home Care, you can rest assured. You are in the hands of highly skilled, compassionate caregivers who put your needs first.

Home Care: Why Choose Vanderbilt

  • Depth of expertise. Vanderbilt Home Care has put patients’ needs first, providing skilled and compassionate care for more than 30 years. This depth of experience translates into expert home care to help improve your overall health and independence.
  • Highly skilled caregivers. Our nurses and therapists are specially trained to deliver home care services to meet all of your unique needs. Under the direction of your doctor, our dedicated team delivers the quality and level of care you expect from Vanderbilt.
  • Patient-centered care. Our team provides sensitive and compassionate care focused on you. Caregivers work closely with your doctor to provide you with personalized care tailored to your specific needs, abilities and preferences. Together, we will find the right care options for you.
  • Advanced technologies and treatments. Our nurses and therapists utilize the latest technologies and research-based treatments to provide you with the most advanced care available.
  • Convenient services. We provide home care in Davidson County and surrounding counties, including Cheatham, Robertson, Rutherford, Sumner, Williamson and Wilson.  
  • Quality care. Our team adheres to home care guidelines and regulations set forth by state, federal and professional organizations. This means you will receive consistent high-quality care from our nurses and therapists.

Services and Programs We Offer

  • Home health aides. Our home health aides, under the direction of registered nurses, can assist with daily activities. This includes bathing, dressing and grooming. They can help with deficits in attention, orientation, memory, reasoning and/or judgment. As members of the care team, home health aides receive training in emergency response, patient safety techniques and rehabilitation follow-up.
  • Low Vision Program. Low vision can impact in-home safety. Our occupational therapists and nurses provide low vision screenings and assessments. They can assist with home modifications and adaptations to ensure your safety.
  • Manage Rx Program. Proper handling and administration of medication is important for both patients and caregivers. As part of the program, our occupational therapists and nurses can offer assessments. They can provide you with a medication box, instructions for loading and uploading, and specific directions to improve your ability to manage medications.
  • Medical social services. Our social workers provide social, environmental, emotional and financial assessments. This includes counseling assistance, identifying community resources and connecting caregivers to support services.
  • Occupational therapy. We provide self-care training and assistance for daily activities. This includes bathing, dressing, eating and grooming. Occupational therapists also offer functional limitation assessments, and construct splints and adaptive equipment in the home.
  • Pediatric home care. We offer family-centered care for infants and children who require specialized services. This includes health assessments, therapies, help with daily activities and caregiver education. Learn more about home care services for children.
  • Physical therapy. Our physical therapists use a range of rehabilitation techniques to help you regain mobility and function. Our therapists can develop an at-home exercise program for you. They can also assess your home safety and equipment.
  • Private duty. Our specially trained nurses provide extended care in the home, up to 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We teach families and caregivers how to provide the necessary care for the patient’s unique healthcare needs.
  • Safety and Fall Prevention Program. Safety awareness and risk reduction are an integral part of the healthy aging process. Our program works to identify and reduce the risk of those in danger of fall or injury in the home. Our physical and occupational therapists are dedicated to providing assessments, therapy and education to keep you safe and healthy.
  • Skilled nursing. Our registered nurses receive extensive training to provide advanced care in the home. Given their education and training, our nurses can provide health assessments and evaluations, intravenous (IV) therapy, wound care, medication management and behavioral health services.
  • Speech therapy. Our experienced speech therapists evaluate and treat speech delays and disorders, including language, communication and swallowing difficulties.

Patient Education


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For Referring Physicians

For more information or to refer patients to Vanderbilt Home Care, call (615) 936-0336. Our intake staff will verify benefits and begin the process to admit the patient for service.

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