Cardio-Oncology: Heart Disease and Cancer

The Vanderbilt Cardio-Oncology Program is unique because it brings together a team of doctors and researchers specializing in heart care and cancer. Together, we promote and protect the health of cancer patients hearts and blood vessels.

Our goal: to reduce the poor effects of cancer treatment on cancer patients cardiovascular systems, during treatment and later when the patients have survived their cancer.

Our Cardio-Oncology Program cares for:

  • Patients who may have cardiac side effects from cancer treatment
  • Cancer survivors who need to protect their cardiac (heart) and vascular (vein and artery) health
  • Patients with existing cardiovascular problems who are now also facing cancer

Specifically, the Vanderbilt Cardio-Oncology Program focuses on:

Cancer survivors' heart and vascular health

Blood clot (thrombosis)

Cardio-Oncology Heart Failure/Transplant Program

Vanderbilt Amyloidosis Multidisciplinary Program (VAMP)

Vascular and metabolic diseases in cardio-oncology

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