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Low Vision in Adults

Vision Rehabilitation Service

The vision rehabilitation service at the Vanderbilt Eye Institute is available for individuals who have vision loss from various eye conditions including macular degeneration, diabetic retinopathy, glaucoma, retinitis pigmentosa and Stargardts disease.

We offer a variety of telescopes, optical and electronic magnifiers, prisms and high prescription readers to help individuals make the most of the vision they have.

A low-vision assessment is an extended yet focused exam that includes checking for the best prescription for glasses and the demonstration of low-vision aids for specific tasks as requested by the patient.

We work with Vanderbilt University Medical Center occupational therapists who help patients with activities of daily living using the prescribed low-vison aids. The occupational therapists can also provide education about low vision to help the patient and family cope with chronic vision loss. We also work closely with the Pi Beta Phi Rehabilitation Institute, which offers many services, including driving evaluation for low-vision patients who need bioptic telescopes to drive.

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