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Low Vision (Vision Rehabilitation)

Vanderbilt’s Low Vision (Vision Rehabilitation) service welcomes people with any level of vision difficulty that cannot be corrected with glasses, contacts, medication or surgery. Our low vision rehabilitation specialists help people with low vision to set and meet goals for daily living.  They combine the most advanced technology, tools and strategies with compassionate care to meet your needs.

Low Vision (Vision Rehabilitation): Why Choose Vanderbilt

  • Highly skilled doctors. Our optometrists have extensive training in treating low vision problems. People all over the region seek out our team for help with this very specific condition.
  • Personalized care. Our team treats every person as an individual. Whatever your diagnosis, our specialists will assess your vision and work with you to find the best possible customized solution that allows you to live the way you want to.
  • Team approach. Our optometrists work with occupational therapists to ensure that you get the care you need for functional living. We can also refer you for evaluation for driving and other services that will help ensure your safety.  

Conditions We Treat

  • Macular degeneration
  • Diabetic retinopathy
  • Glaucoma
  • Ocular albinism
  • Optic neuropathy
  • Retinitis pigmentosa
  • Stargardt disease

Tests, Treatments and Services We Offer

  • Prescriptions for adaptive optical equipment, including telescopes, optical magnifiers and high-prescription readers
  • Referrals for rehabilitative services, including vocational training and orientation training
  • Visual acuity
  • Visual field
  • Contrast sensitivity


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For Referring Physicians

To refer a patient to the Vision Rehabilitation service, call (615) 936-2020.