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Nashville Lung Cancer Screening Trial

Are you a smoker or ex-smoker? Are you 55-77 years old? If so, you are at increased risk for lung cancer and you may be able to join a lung cancer screening study.
How to Qualify
You must fall into a high-risk group for lung cancer, which includes:

  • A significant smoking history (past or present)
  • Being 55-77 years old

The purpose of the screening trial is to test early detection screening tools such as CT scans. The trial studies biomarkers that might be helpful for early diagnosis. Biomarkers are molecular or cellular signals that may link to certain diseases. The findings from this study will help patients with a higher lung cancer risk.

What to Expect
If you qualify for the study and agree to enroll, you will sign a consent form and complete a questionnaire. As part of the study, you will have clinic visits and receive a series of screening tests for early diagnosis of lung cancer, including:

  • Lung function test
  • CT scan (X-ray imaging) of chest
  • Bronchoscopy (camera exam of airway)
  • Lab work (blood and urine samples)
  • Annual follow-up screenings for 5 years


  • Peace of Mind: Medical follow-up for 5 years will keep a close watch on your lung health.
  • Earlier Treatment: If you have abnormal test results, you will be more likely to be treated earlier.
  • Helping Others: Lessons learned from this study may help treat other patients at risk for lung cancer.

Tests required for the study will be free. Tests that are part of your standard of care (meaning that you would have them even if you weren't in the study) are billed to you or your insurance company.

How do I enroll?
Fill out the form on this page or call (615) 936-5847.