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For Emergency Transport Request by Helicopter, Airplane or Ground Ambulance


Administrative Office: (615)-936-0770
Director, business manager, communications manager and other administrative staff

Discharge Transport Office: (615) 322-7433

Jeff Gray, emergency communications manager: (615) 322-8066

Jerry Jones, public affairs manager: (615) 343-6086
For media requests, public relations and community outreach, EMS liaision and business development

Liz Reeves, medical affairs manager:  (615) 322-1547
Education and training, EMS Night Out, hospital physician and nurse liaision, business development

Leigh Sims, event medicine manager: (615) 936-0765
Questions about our event medicine division, which proivdes ground EMS coverage for special events.

Fax: (615)-936-0772 

Vanderbilt University Medical Center
General Information: (615) 322-5000
Emergency Services: (615) 322-0160
Patient Information: (615) 322-1000

Vanderbilt LifeFlight
1211 Medical Center Drive
Skyport Helipad - VUH 13200
Nashville, TN 37232-7430

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