Vanderbilt Psychiatric Hospital

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Adult Programs

Every patient is different. That's why we offer personalized care for each patient's particular needs.

  • The Psychotic Disorders Program is for people with unusual or unrealistic thinking who may need medicine. 
  • The Mood Disorders Program is for adults who have depression, suicidal thoughts or other emotional problems.
  • The Partial Hospitalization Program is both an alternative to full-time inpatient treatment and a bridge from inpatient to outpatient treatment. It can help patients who have had inpatient treatment but need services that outpatient treatment can't provide once they leave. Patients may be admitted directly to the Partial Hospitalization Program on a case by case basis.

The Adult Program treats patients 18 and older. Teens should be high school graduates or living on their own. The program coordinator and clinical director may make exceptions in certain cases.

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