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Credo Award winners

Congratulations to our Credo Award winners Lynn Banaszak RN and Aprilyn Love.
Lynn is a weekend nurse and Aprilyn is a Patient Care Attendant

Aprilyn Love

Aprilyn Love

Additional Credo Nominations

Below are a few excerpts from the Additional Credo nominations:

Kay VanFleteren
Kay VanFleteren: 
“Kay has a cultural awareness that supersedes anything that you can read or learn from a book. She is the truest example of selflessness. It absolutely MAKES my day when she is working. She is the GREATEST prn support that we have had in years. She is always willing to take a load off our backs in order to let us have a "break" from busy days. She is kind & considerate with our patients.”

“Whenever I follow behind her, it's like following behind Mother Theresa. Everyone loves her. She took patient x a single fresh flower when he was feeling down and it made all the difference in the world. He loved her big time. I try to keep her away from my favorite patients so they won't like her better :)

Shanna Creason-Auer
Shanna Creason-Auer:
“Shanna has been the lead nurse in managing our Congestive Heart Failure Telemonitoring program. She has developed excellent working relationships with key personnel at VHVI to create guidelines for managing these complex patients. She also communicates regular updates to referring physicians to facilitate prompt treatment and notify of pertinent changes.”

“Shanna utilizes her relationships with her peers as well as her managers for collaborative decision making in developing cost effective processes and outcomes while respecting all team members’ contributions. She shares her concerns with leadership and is a staff advocate when she feels a proposed change would negatively impact staff or quality and provides recommendations based on her clinical experience and understanding of the challenges of work as a member of the field staff.”


Paula Lyles (Not pictured):
“Paula is our rock to get through a tough day, week, & sometimes longer. She keeps us organized & sane. She is our support both in the office & in the field. Paula is always there to give a good smile or laugh when you're having a hard day. You can also hand her a basket full of chaos & somehow she turns it into a peaceful situation that you personally don't feel responsible for. We'd be lost without her.”

‘Paula always elevates the nurse to the patient and family. I often overhear her saying, "Oh! Nurse xx is scheduled to see you today. She is so funny and a fantastic nurse. I just love her, don't you?" or "Yes ma'am. I see that Nurse yyy is coming out to see you around noon. How about I call her and ask her to give you ring?"

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