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Katherine Brown the 2014 Martin Luther King Award Winner

2014 Martin Luther King Award Winner

Congratulations to Katherine Brown, OT on her selection as the 2014 Martin Luther King Award Winner at Vanderbilt University Medical Center!

The MLK Award is presented to the staff member who emulates through his or her work, the principles of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. This service can be in areas related to creating a better understanding between people of different cultures, working to enhance the economic and health status of individuals, or fostering a community at Vanderbilt symbolic of King’s teachings. Her nomination below summarizes:
Katherine was brought on to staff with Vanderbilt Home Care in June of 2012 and has, by virtue of excellence, separated herself from the ordinary.  She currently fills her hired role as our Medicare team OT (occupational therapist) outside of the office with an enthusiasm and sense of diligence that is complimentary of positive and practical customer service and patient relationship.  When chances afford her to come to the office for meetings, to replenish supplies for her patients or just drop in, she is ALWAYS of a positive mental attitude that transfers to everyone who will receive it. 

Outside of her office duties and relationships, Katherine stands as one of a team in her home with her husband and children along with providing care for her mother Roberta Baines Wheeler who was a nurse for 40 years.  Mrs. Wheeler was diagnosed with pulmonary hypertension; an unfortunate and common aliment among the African American community.  In light of the diagnosis and unrest with quality of care and knowledge being administered, Katherine took matters into her own hands, not just for her mother but chose to offer the same knowledge, tenacity, hope and care to the surrounding community as she founded the Roberta Baines Wheeler Pulmonary Hypertension Awareness Day Conference which she shared at the Vanderbilt University Clinic last year.

Many were able to partake, for free, in this wonderful event yet not many are aware that the drive for this effort came from one woman’s efforts. The event took many hours of insight, thought, planning, coordination, time and selfless effort.  Katherine is an excellent candidate for the 2014 Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. award as she has displayed character qualities of peace under pressure as she continually reaches out to help others heal, not only in her profession, but in her personal life as well. 

Vanderbilt Home Care Credo Award Winners

Home Care Credo Award Winners

Congratulations to the following Vanderbilt Home Care Credo Award Winners who were recognized at the December Unit Board:

Sally Horen, RN (Pictured above)
Vickie McArthur, PT (Pictured above)
Sheila Spector, LPN
Dale Young, Sitter

Below are some of the excerpts from the submissions for these outstanding team members:

• Sally is consistently committed to her colleagues and the first to volunteer to help out whether taking call, switching call days, or taking students for the therapy or nursing teams when schedules go awry or clinicians are out ill.
• Vickie is very professional, tactful and cheerful with all colleagues and I am always proud to recommend her to my patients.
• Sheila has excellent communication skills and moved her schedule around to accommodate a terminally ill patient needs.
• Dale is professional and an advocate for his patients. Dale plays guitar and had patients on the palliative care unit asking to sing to them- it was wonderful. Dale's music therapy was a fantastic way to show respect for our floor and the work we do.

Thank you for making a difference in the lives of our patients and our agency!

Congratulations to Kaya Bostic

Kayla Bostic

Congratulations to Kaya Bostic for 30 years of employment at Vanderbilt! 
Karen Marie Bostic graduated from Hillsboro High School  and started her career at Vanderbilt working for the hospital in 1983.  She started in the procurement department delivering distribution products and when she received her Certified Nursing Technician license, transferred to 10 South Renal Transplant, then Pediatric Recovery and eventually in June of 1997, to Vanderbilt Home Care Services.   Kayla is most proud of her accomplishment of raising her son, Thomas Bostic Majors, as a single parent.  She helped him go to college at North West Mississippi,  and then onto Western Kentucky to play football.  Kayla is also a proud grandmother of granddaughter, Kennedy Majors age 3.
Kayla continues to receive high praise from both the clinicians she works with and the patients and families she cares for. Professional, attentive, and respectful are just a few adjectives describing her care and the difference she makes in the lives of others.  Thank you Kayla

Transport Training Video Team group shot
Thank you to Brenda Daniell, Cecilia Hinlo, Marcia West and the Nursing  Education Department for creating  a video to support The Council on Aging initiative to educate caregivers and volunteer drivers on how to properly transport seniors. This training video is being utilized within local community networks to promote understanding and awareness. ( View Transportation Training Video )

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