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Credo Award winners

Judy Autry and Kathey Milom

Congratulations to Judy Autrey, RN and Kathey Milom, LPN on their VHCS Credo awards this quarter. Below are excerpts from their nominations:

Judy Autrey, RN- Private Duty RN
I would like to recognize Judy Autrey, RN as someone who exhibits credo behavior.  Judy conducts herself professionally when I ask her to obtain the necessary signed MD orders for authorization.  She never growls, scowls, or exhibits a negative attitude when I ask for help.  Judy makes her patient’s needs her highest priority by immediately faxing a pso for the doctor’s signature and staying on it with the MD office until it is back in our hands.  She quickly communicates the return of the needed order to me so that I can get it out the door for authorization in as timely a fashion as I can.  In summary she takes a sense of ownership that we can all be proud of and hope to emulate.

Kathey Milom, LPN- Central Access Coordinator
Kathy Milom, LPN is so good at protecting our patients’ information and being careful before sending anything out. She is also a huge advocate at getting patients placed with other agencies. Her communication on the phone is always clear and to the point. Even when she has to be more aggressive she remains calm and respectful yet firm. She definitely owns her position. You can tell that she takes pride in what she does.

Additional Credo Nominations

Below are a few excerpts from the Additional Credo nominations:

Shanna Creason-Auer
Shanna Creason-Auer:
“Shanna has been the lead nurse in managing our Congestive Heart Failure Telemonitoring program. She has developed excellent working relationships with key personnel at VHVI to create guidelines for managing these complex patients. She also communicates regular updates to referring physicians to facilitate prompt treatment and notify of pertinent changes.”

“Shanna utilizes her relationships with her peers as well as her managers for collaborative decision making in developing cost effective processes and outcomes while respecting all team members’ contributions. She shares her concerns with leadership and is a staff advocate when she feels a proposed change would negatively impact staff or quality and provides recommendations based on her clinical experience and understanding of the challenges of work as a member of the field staff.”

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