Smoking Cessation

Tobacco use is the most common preventable cause of death, as almost half of the people who continue smoking die of smoking-related problems. Choosing to quit smoking is the first step on your road to good health. That said, quitting is not easy. You may have short-term effects such as weight gain, irritability and anxiety.

hand holding lit cigarette 

Visit the Tennessee Tobacco QuitLine for resources on quitting. The QuitLine number is tollfree: 1-800-QuitNow. This is a free program from the TN Department of Health.

Vanderbilt faculty and staff can learn about the employee Quit RX program here.

Lesa Abney, RN-BC, NC-BC is a Certified Tobacco Treatment Specialist. She works with smokers who want to quit smoking. This is a retail service, with a fee of $45 per session. Sessions run for about one hour each. Please contact Lesa at (615) 322-4751.