Vanderbilt Hereditary Cancer Clinic

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Less than 10% of all cancers develop because of a gene change, or mutation, that is passed down in a family. People with a change in one of these genes have a hereditary cancer syndrome, meaning they have a higher chance of getting certain cancers. Learn more about hereditary cancer syndromes here.

The Hereditary Cancer Clinic provides evaluation and counseling for patients with familial cancer risk. Our doctors, genetic counselors and nurse practitioner are specially trained in cancer genetics. The HCC is the clinical arm of the Vanderbilt Clinical and Translational Hereditary Cancer Program.

We can help patients and families understand their cancer risks and options for cancer screening, cancer risk reduction and genetic testing.

An appointment might be right for you if you or a family member:

  • Were diagnosed with cancer at a younger than average age
  • Have multiple relatives with the same cancer type
  • Have multiple cancers in a single person
  • Were diagnosed with certain rare cancers (such as male breast cancer, sarcoma or others)
  • Were diagnosed with certain benign growths or tumors (such as pheochromocytoma or others)
  • Have a known mutation (positive genetic test) for a cancer susceptibility gene

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