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Referring Clinicians

If you have a patient who needs to be assessed for transplant, the Vanderbilt Transplant Center has the expertise, resources and support that are essential to a successful transplant. In addition, we provide patients with the tools they need to adjust to life after transplantation. For contact information and more details about each specific organ transplant program, visit the appropriate sections of this website. For referral forms and information related to each organ, see the buttons at right.

About Vanderbilt

Over the past 127 years, Vanderbilt Medical Center has built a strong reputation as a leader in national education, research and patient care throughout the Southeast and the nation. At its heart, Vanderbilt Medical Center is driven by discovery and the immediate incorporation of new knowledge into innovative patient care and physician and nurse education.

Transplant medicine is only 50 years old. For that reason, transplant research is especially critical. There is a culture of active and vibrant research at Vanderbilt that attracts the high caliber of medical and support staff needed. The multidisciplinary Vanderbilt Transplant Center provides collaborative research opportunities across departmental boundaries so that institutional resources are optimized.

Specific Referral Forms and Information

Contact Us

Heart: (615) 936-3500

Liver: (615) 936-5321

Lung: (615) 936-0393

Kidney/Pancreas: (615) 936-0695

Bone Marrow: (615) 936-1803

Administration: (615) 936-0388