Transplant Center / Financial Considerations

Financial Considerations

Financial planning is an important aspect of the transplant process. Before you come to Vanderbilt for your evaluation, call your insurance carrier to see if your plan covers transplantation and what transplant centers are in their coverage plan. Request a copy of your benefits for transplantation, including deductibles and co-payment. If Medicare covers you, refer to the current Medicare handbook.

What to Expect

During your evaluation you will meet with the social worker and the financial coordinator. Most insurance companies require a review of your evaluation results to determine if you meet their criteria before they agree to pay for a transplant. You will be asked to sign a consent form authorizing Vanderbilt to release medical information from your evaluation to your insurance company.

If you are a candidate for a transplant, the transplant program will work with you to get insurance approval. If your insurance carrier denies authorization of benefits, the transplant program will write a formal letter of appeal. However, please be advised that gaining insurance approval is ultimately your responsibility.

Each transplant program has a financial counselor to help you understand the cost of transplantation, your individual transplant benefits, and the overall transplant financial process, including your transplant medications.

Your Out-of-Pocket Expenses

You will be responsible for:

  • All deductibles, co-payments and non-covered services as outlined in your health plan
  • The balance between charges and what your insurance carrier pays

More Questions?

Call the financial counselor before your evaluation if you:

  • have questions regarding your insurance
  • do not have insurance
  • do not have benefits for transplantation
  • are denied coverage for a transplant
  • would like to discuss other financial assistance options

Contact Information

You will be billed separately by Vanderbilt Medical Center for inpatient hospital services and by The Vanderbilt Clinic for outpatient physician fees.

For hospital billing questions:
615-936-0910 (local) or
866-488-4676 (toll-free)

For physician billing questions:
615-936-0486 (local) or
866-488-4677 (toll-free)