Transplant Center / Billing


It is helpful to understand what your financial out-of-pocket expense will be. You will be responsible for the following:

  • All deductibles, co-payments and non-covered services as outlined in your health plan
  • The balance between charges and what your insurance carrier pays

It is important that you:

  • contact your insurer for a list of the above charges and an explanation of how they are calculated;
  • obtain referrals and other requirements as outlined in your health plan.

Although you may have authorization by your insurance company for medical services provided by Vanderbilt, this does not guarantee full payment of all charges.

Contact Information

You will be billed separately by Vanderbilt Medical Center for inpatient hospital services and by The Vanderbilt Clinic for outpatient physician fees.

For hospital billing questions:
615-936-0910 (local) or
866-488-4676 (toll-free)

For physician billing questions:
615-936-0486 (local) or
866-488-4677 (toll-free)