Track Your Health

Your My Health at Vanderbilt account allows you to track and create worksheets for your glucose levels, blood pressure and weight. This allows your provider to monitor and help manage your health.

Follow these simple steps to track your glucose levels, blood pressure and weight in your My Health account:

Note: All other tracking worksheets function the same as weight tracking, so you can follow the directions below for tracking glucose and blood pressure.

  • Click on "My Record" from the top navigation and select "Track My Health” from the drop-down menu.

track health

  • Under the heading "Active Worksheets," choose the item you wish to track.

activity worksheet

  • For example, if you want to track your weight, click “Weight Tracking.” You will see data previously entered. To enter a new weight, click the blue “Add New Data.” 

enter health data

  • Enter the data, time and weight. If you are entering your weight for that day, just click “Now” and it will add today’s date and time. Click “Continue.”
  • Review your entry and confirm your information and click “Submit.” If you need to correct any parts of your entry, click “Back” and make your changes.

confirm health data