Request an Appointment

To schedule or request a return appointment with a doctor you have seen before

If you have seen a provider within the last three years, you can request a return appointment with that provider through our easy online form. For many providers, you can choose the date and time most convenient for you and schedule immediately. 

If the clinic you need does not have appointments listed online, you will complete the “Request an Appointment” section of the form.

  • Click on Appointments from the top menu.


  • Click "Schedule a Return Visit."

return visit

  • Update your personal information or confirm that it is correct. To edit the information, click “Edit Demographics.” 
  • To confirm all your personal information is correct, select the “This Information is Correct” box. Click “Continue” at bottom of page.

schedule appointment

  • The next step is to confirm your insurance information. You can add insurance information and click “Submit,” or you can confirm all information is correct by selecting “This Information is Correct." Then click “Continue” at bottom of page.

insurance coverage

schedule an appointment

  • You will then select the location where you would like to schedule an appointment.

appointment schedule

  • If the location you have chosen doesn’t have direct online scheduling, you may be prompted to continue to the “Request an Appointment” form. After completing the form, you will be contacted directly or you can call (615) 343-4444.
  • If the location does have direct online scheduling, you will then be prompted to choose your provider. You will only see the names of providers you have seen in the last three years.
  • Complete the online form with your preferred appointment date and time. Click “Continue.”

appointment scheduling

  • Choose the date and time you would like to schedule your appointment by clicking on the box displaying that date/time and provider.

appointment time

  • The final step to scheduling your appointment is to complete the question “Why do you want to be seen?”
  • Choose “Make Appointment.”

make appointment

  • If your provider has any questions about your upcoming appointment, you will be contacted.

Request an appointment with a new doctor

My Health at Vanderbilt makes it easy to request to see a new provider. You can fill out the online request form by following the instructions below or call the appointment desk at (615) 343-4444.

  • Click on Appointments from the top menu in My Health at Vanderbilt.


  • Click "Request an Appointment."

appointment request

  • Complete the request form and choose “Send” at the bottom of the screen. Someone will contact you to schedule your appointment. 

appointment request