Delegate Account

A delegate is a person the patient invites to access his or her My Health at Vanderbilt account. When a patient gives delegate access to his or her account, he or she gives them permission to see their personal health information through My Health at Vanderbilt. The delegate might be a spouse, an adult child, or any other adult.

Areas of an account a patient can give a delegate access to:

  • Secure Messaging
  • View and Pay Bills
  • View Insurance
  • Prescription Alerts
  • View Clinical Record
  • View Appointments
  • View and Update Your Personal Information
  1. The delegate must have his or her own My Health at Vanderbilt account with his or her own unique user name and password. The delegate does not have to be a Vanderbilt patient.
  2. The patient will need the user name of the individual to send a delegate invitation.

    When the patient gives a delegate access they are giving permission to the delegate to view their personal health information available through My Health at Vanderbilt. For example, if the patient gives the delegate access to "Secure Messaging," they are giving permission to their provider and delegate to communicate through My Health at Vanderbilt about their care.

    The patient has the ability to remove access from the delegate to any function at any time. The delegates access is under the patients control. If they invite someone to be their delegate, they accept full responsibility for giving and removing access.

    Currently only one delegate per patient is allowed messaging privileges at any given time; however, a patient may have more than one delegate.

    The delegate and the patients messages are independent of each other.
  3. In the event of the patient's death, the delegate may continue to access the account for 30 days. After that, the account will be locked to protect the patient's medical information.