My Record

What can be seen under the My Records tab?

In order to see medical records that show in My Health at Vanderbilt login into your MHAV account.  On the My Tools page select My records.  If you have full access to MHAV you will be able to see the following:

Labs, Visit Summaries, Medications Allergies and Helath problems, Reports, Gene Information, Vitals, and Immunizations.

Some of the reports that can be found in MHAV are as follows, but not limited to:

Cardiopulmonary Exercis Test, Echocardiography, Echocardiography-Stress, EEG, EMG, Holter Report, PFT Report, Pulmonary Reports, Radiology Reports, Stress Test, Tilt Table, and Vanderbilt Asthma, Sinus, and Allergy Program Radiology Reports.

Labs that were formally surpressed can now be viewed in MAHV:

When ordered for adult patients, results for approximately 2,000 tests formerly suppressed in MHAV will be reported after a delay of seven business days. Examples include results from CA-125 and CD4 testing. (Results for these tests will continue to be suppressed when ordered for patients age 17 and younger.)

A delay of three business days will remain in place for results of some 3,600 other tests. Examples include aldosterone, group B strep antigen and antinuclear antigen testing.

Approximately 555 other tests that are considered more routine will continue to be reported immediately. Examples include complete blood counts, cholesterol and basic metabolic panel testing.

The delays for many MHAV test results is designed to allow our providers time to review the results and communicate with patients and families before the results are reported on the portal.