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Mary E Egger, ADN, BSN, MSN


Nurse Practitioner

4.9 4.9 411 ratings

Insurance plans accepted

Insurance plans accepted

Areas of Expertise

Breast Cancer
Surgical Oncology




Vanderbilt Breast Center Hematology
Vanderbilt Breast Center
719 Thompson Lane
Suite 25000
Nashville, TN 37204

Patient Comments

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Mary is an excellent clinician. I feel very fortunate to be able to see her for my surveillance.
Patient | October 3, 2018

Mary Egger is the best!
Patient | September 17, 2018

The care I receive from this provider is excellent.
Patient | September 12, 2018

said it earlier - Mary is simply the best
Patient | August 27, 2018

Mary was very thorough, very patient, we, kind and did not act like she was rushed. For someone who was scared and nervous, her demeanor was very reassuring and calming. it was very much appreciated.
Patient | August 27, 2018

Mary always is very personable during my visits. She and I tend to discuss several options and has assisted me with decision making regarding testing in the past.
Patient | August 14, 2018

I wouldn't want to see anyone else. Dr. Eggers is the best!
Patient | August 14, 2018

Mary Egger is an A+ provider. I have been seeing her for several years and she is thorough, kind and professional.
Patient | August 13, 2018

Mary Edger has always been very nice to me and took her time to explain everything to me.
Patient | August 13, 2018

We have developed a trusting relationship. I have every confidence in Mary.
Patient | August 7, 2018

explaning things shows the provider is knowledable and enjoys their job and chosen career.
Patient | August 6, 2018

Mary Eggers is the perfect example of what a HCP should be.
Patient | August 3, 2018

I may have written it in the wrong section before, but Mary Egger is awesome.
Patient | August 1, 2018

This care provider is simply outstanding!
Patient | July 21, 2018

Mary Egger was wonderful. She was so caring and informative. Even called me after her work hours twice!
Patient | July 20, 2018

Mary Egger is the best Vanderbilt has to offer!
Patient | July 13, 2018

Mary is the BEST
Patient | July 2, 2018

NP Egger's is very caring. So glad I changed Breast Centers. She always calls w/test results.
Patient | June 29, 2018

Mrs.Eggar is amazing!! trust her fully! so glad I could see her in cool springs, it is easier to navigate and closer to my home!
Patient | June 25, 2018

Drive from SC just to see Mary! Very confident in your care.
Patient | June 21, 2018

Our visit was rushed because I had a scheduled MRI at the lab in Nashville and they knew if I could get there an hour and a half early, I could also get a 3-D mammogram. So yes, I was given the information to read and I was able to read it. She did seem to understand my fears and pointed out a couple of things in the written documents about exercise and weight that were important before I left and scheduled a followup appointment in 6 months. So my fears about my risks for breast cancer were relieved a lot.
Patient | May 15, 2018

I really appreciate Mary Egger and all the staff at the Vanderbilt Breast Center. They all were very kind and understanding to my needs.
Patient | May 14, 2018

I felt respected! And listened to.
Patient | April 30, 2018

Appreciate her professionalism & that she listens to her patients concerns.
Patient | April 19, 2018

Everyone showed care and concern.
Patient | April 16, 2018

Mary Eggar is the best at what she does.
Patient | April 7, 2018

Mary Egger is my most trusted care provider. I've had to make several health decisions and she helped me understand my risk factors and what the various courses if tests and treatments could do. I've asked her about health issues outside breast health and she helped me find another great Vanderbilt medical provider. I really trust her.
Patient | March 6, 2018

Mary Egger is fabulous. Would recommend her to anyone.
Patient | March 5, 2018

I have been with Mary since day 1 and she has always been very thorough in her explanations of everything. I have been able to make knowledgeable decisions due to her explanations.
Patient | February 20, 2018

No bad experience.
Patient | January 10, 2018

Always had excellent.
Patient | December 29, 2017

Mary Egger is an asset to Vanderbilt Breast Clinic.
Patient | December 25, 2017

Dr. Egger provides exceptional customer service and care to me. She is very informative and spends he appropriate amount of time that is needed regarding my care.
Patient | December 10, 2017

Mary Egger is the BEST!
Patient | December 8, 2017

Very nice and competent people!
Patient | November 20, 2017

Ms. Egger is knowledgeable about my condition, address any questions I have, is caring and I really respect her. I trust her advice always.
Patient | November 17, 2017

Dr. Egger was the most helpful and communicative doctor I have ever met with about my breast condition. She was warm, kind and thoughtful and also made sure we found out what was going on that day. She was straightforward in her assessment which was helpful and she also sought my input as to whether I wanted to see her again and how soon I wanted to follow up. I have never had that level of communication and I was grateful. Really so very impressed and grateful for her.
Patient | November 6, 2017

Ms. Egger was really caring, friendly and a professional. She explained everythinng to me and in detail of my condition and address all my concerns. Truly appreciated.
Patient | November 4, 2017

Mary Egger is excellent at what she does.
Patient | October 25, 2017

Mary is kind, understanding, thorough & compassionate.
Patient | October 20, 2017

I have these tests every year so she didn't need to explain everything to me, I think she knew that. She is an excellent dr and very thoughtful. I never feel rushed and I came in with a medical concern.
Patient | October 17, 2017

Best Vanderbilt experience in 7 years!!!
Patient | October 17, 2017

App. was for yearly mammogram.
Patient | October 17, 2017

Excellent care - very professional & pleasant.
Patient | October 12, 2017

I went to see my provider for a yearly physical check up.
Patient | October 3, 2017

Love M.E. She does an amazing job. Am afraid it will be harder to get appoint since she will be at 2 locations!
Patient | October 2, 2017