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Alan S Boyd, MD


Professor of Medicine/Dermatology and Pathology

4.4 4.4 426 ratings

Insurance plans accepted

Insurance plans accepted

Areas of Expertise

Skin Cancers Including Melanoma
General Adult Dermatology

Board Certificates

Dermatopathology - American Board of Dermatology, 2003
Dermatology - American Board of Dermatology, 2002


MD - University of Texas at Houston, 1986
Fellowship - University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston, 1993
Residency - Texas Tech University Medical Center, 1992
Fellowship - Texas Tech University Medical Center, 1989
Fellowship - Baylor University Medical Center at Dallas, 1988
Internship - McLennan County Family Practice, 1987


Vanderbilt Dermatology
Vanderbilt Dermatology
719 Thompson Lane
Suite 26300
Nashville, TN 37204

2839 Highway 231 North
Heritage Medical Plaza, Suite 209
Shelbyville, TN 37160

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Patient Comments

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Dr. Boyd needs to take a deep breath and relax before he goes in to see a patient. I felt like he was in such a rush to get the exam and procedure over with.
Patient | February 5, 2017

Patient | February 1, 2017

Always in a rush! Do not feel that he examines my body for skin cancers as he should.
Patient | January 27, 2017

I have the high regards for Dr. Boyd and his staff.
Patient | December 19, 2016

Everything was good.
Patient | November 22, 2016

Dr Boyd found an unusual form of melanoma above my eye and quickly diagnosed. I'm very fond of him and highly respect his ability
Patient | November 22, 2016

Would have changed doctors if I could of -
Patient | November 17, 2016

Since this visit was to get a biopsy of a skin cancer, it didn't take long or require a lot of conversation.
Patient | November 2, 2016

To start, the doctor called out the wrong last name before he said my correct last name. When I got to the door, he was already half way down the hall to the examination room. I went to the room and had a seat. When the doctor came in the room, he asked me what they were seeing me for. Before I could even finish my sentence, he asked me to take my shirt off. Granted this could be a common thing done at a dermatologist appointment, I'd never know since this was my first appointment ever with a dermatologist and the doctor didn't explain why I was taking my shirt. Either way, I took my shirt off even though my skin problem was on my face and left hand. After taking my shirt off, I finally finished my sentence to let him know I had a few spots on my face. He takes 30 seconds or so to look at my face then walks over to a desk and a prescription pad. While he's writing something, he tells me I can put my shirt back on then mentions I have Eyelid Dermatitis. He gives no explanation of how I have it or what caused it nor did I have a chance to ask. Immediately after scribbling on the prescription pad, he hands me a prescription and says "This should take care of it." He then gets up to start moving towards the door before I could even bring up the spot on my hand. He barely looks it over and says that the prescription cream should take care of it too because it's from the same family as Eyelid Dermatitis. Again, no explanation of how I would have gotten it. When I tried to tell him about a reason I think I got it, he quickly dismissed it by saying "Oh that wouldn't have caused it." Needlessly to say, I was completely flustered by how quick the appointment went. The doctor never introduced himself to me. Never tried to establish a patient/doctor relationship. To top it off, the prescription he wrote was so ineligible that the pharmacist technician couldn't put it in until they were able to call and reach someone at the doctor's office. I dropped it off Friday afternoon and am only finally going to be able to pick it up today on Tuesday. I will go to another dermatologist if I continue to have issues.
Patient | October 18, 2016

I love Dr. Boyd and had seen him for many years. Years ago. I know he's VERY busy so I realize I'll have to be quick to the point before he runs out. I trust him and his practice more than any other so I will continue to see him for as long as I can.
Patient | October 18, 2016

I have never had a bad experience.
Patient | October 17, 2016

Very good.
Patient | September 21, 2016

Patient | August 25, 2016

Always in a hurry. No time to listen to question, very hyper, unprofessional dressed.
Patient | July 4, 2016

Dr. Boyd is both efficient and likeable.
Patient | June 23, 2016

Very good throughout
Patient | June 18, 2016

The resident was great. She's the one that really saw me and provided a lot of help.
Patient | June 18, 2016

They seemed very busy when I was there.
Patient | June 16, 2016

Patient | June 1, 2016

Been seeing him for years adore him and his staff. Excellent teamwork with staff.
Patient | May 26, 2016

Dr Boyd's patient load is very high so he has to hurry a bit. I've seen him for several years every 3 months and think very highly of him.
Patient | May 23, 2016

I think Dr. Boyd is a very qualified dr. but, there is little to no idle time with him.
Patient | April 22, 2016

Because I had several issues I became unsure (after I left) as to which medication was for each one - #6. Got confused.
Patient | April 22, 2016

Patient | April 13, 2016

As mentioned above everythings was just great. Thank you.
Patient | April 6, 2016

Glad I have had the condition before, or I would have been upset for the little explanation I received. Doctor is a little rushed, but nice enough.
Patient | April 1, 2016

Care provided by resident.
Patient | April 1, 2016

I have been seeing Dr. Boyd for many years. Others not as well acquainted may find him a little abrupt and may not appreciate fast moving manner.
Patient | February 1, 2016