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Narendra K Singh, MD


Assistant Professor of Orthopaedics and Rehabilitation

4.5 4.5 436 ratings

Insurance plans accepted

Insurance plans accepted

Areas of Expertise

Orthopaedics and Rehabilitation
Adult Orthopaedics

Board Certificates

Occupational Medicine - American Board of Preventive Medicine, 2004


MD - University of Saskatchewan, 1983
Residency - Medical College of Wisconsin, 2000
Residency - Saint Thomas Hospital Medical Center, 1984
Internship - Plains Health Center, 1983


1215 21st Avenue South
Suite 4200, MCE South Tower
Nashville, TN 37232

719 Thompson Lane
Suite 23108
Nashville, TN 37204

Patient Comments

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Genuinely caring and compassionate.
Patient | February 9, 2017

Patient | January 30, 2017

good experience.
Patient | January 30, 2017

Dr. Singh is wonderful. I wish everyone with similar problems could see him.
Patient | January 16, 2017

Dr. Signh is a wonderful physician and I am really glad with all the care that he took off me while going in for treatments.
Patient | December 28, 2016

Dr. unprepared - did not read report if test _____ - #6. Didn't ask.
Patient | December 27, 2016

all good
Patient | December 24, 2016

Overall - very good.
Patient | December 19, 2016

my pain was at a level that I felt some medication would have been suggested.
Patient | December 4, 2016

Patient | December 1, 2016

everyone was great and helpful
Patient | December 1, 2016

#5. Didn't need.
Patient | December 1, 2016

Dr was professional and allowed me to ask questions and responded to these in an informative and caring manner.
Patient | November 16, 2016

he didn't numb the area of the shot enough before giving me a shot
Patient | November 15, 2016

I feel as though I am in good hands for my current medical needs.
Patient | November 14, 2016

Appreciated the fact that the Provider did not disapprove the use of Supplements as part of the solution.
Patient | November 3, 2016

Just wish I knew what Dr. Singh told me about... ... and making sure I'm not in any posture & alignment... this is where I could not write fast enough!! So I have no idea what he was talking about and they never called me back. I have to leave the question over the phone but told them they could get back to me in a day or two at myhealthatvanderbilt!!!
Patient | October 31, 2016

Patient | October 27, 2016

Dr. Singh was MARVELOUS! I couldn't have selected a better provider.
Patient | October 24, 2016

The dr. was very kind and explained things to me.
Patient | October 19, 2016

I was able to infer a lot of things from the descriptions and explanations my provider gave, but it would have been good if more detail had been stated explicitly.
Patient | September 20, 2016

The provider did not review information from previous doctors in reviewing my condition- The diagnosis and recommended treatment were not complete - no follow up-
Patient | September 19, 2016

1. Narendra Singh MD.
Patient | September 1, 2016

This was the friendliest, fastest, and ideal appt I have had in awhile.
Patient | August 23, 2016

Dr Singh has given me good care but my issue can't be fixed because of other health problems
Patient | August 21, 2016

Dr. Singh was very knowledgeable and helpful.
Patient | July 20, 2016

Provider did not show concern for my well-being and I often felt he just ignored what I was telling him, which, proved true by the fact that he continued to not prescribe me anything for my pain level, or to help me sleep. Went a entire week without sleep - 11th-21st of March.
Patient | June 29, 2016

We would definitely recommend Dr. Singh to other patients, friends, and family members.
Patient | June 28, 2016

Dr. Singh was professional while being courteous and interested in my particular issues
Patient | June 27, 2016

I'm very satisfied with the care given.
Patient | June 1, 2016

No explanation of x-rays or MRI, however, I am nurse & didn't require this. New provider to me after my dr. retired.
Patient | May 31, 2016

I suggested that pain I was experiencing in my hip, may be from a joint out of place. I had used chiropractors in the past and asked if I could see a chiropractor to help with the problem. He made me feel comfortable making the suggestion to him, and explained that my spine fracture was still healing and he did not want anything to interfere with it. He would approve of a chiropractic visit, as long as the chiropractor did not do any spine manipulation.
Patient | May 31, 2016

Dr. Singh is an excellent provider.
Patient | May 30, 2016

He is very good Dr., Understandable, smart and kind.
Patient | May 9, 2016

Patient | May 1, 2016

Only complaint is about contact of treatment plan and throw out into mall lobby for 1/2 hour, I believe this doctor probably don't know about any of this, I think Dr. ______ K. Singh is a great doctor and it will benefit Vanderbilt Medical a lot with his skill.2. 2. Contact. 6. No medication.
Patient | April 22, 2016

not real sure what he will do for follow up visit other than give referral
Patient | April 12, 2016

I have been very satisfied with all my care givers at Vandy. They have been very interested in helping me and done in a way I can understand. I always recommend them to my friends.
Patient | March 8, 2016

Dr. Singh is a very good doctor and I'm glad my spouse see him also.
Patient | March 7, 2016

Very nice physician and always spends times and explains things.
Patient | February 29, 2016

Didn't spend a lot of time, or ask me what the problem were. Didn't explain all the options or possibilities.
Patient | February 23, 2016

like i said this doctor does not seem to listen or care about what i have to say about my problem and just sends me out without an answer
Patient | February 22, 2016

First time using this provider after my original provider retired.
Patient | February 8, 2016

Very good.
Patient | January 29, 2016