Medicare Annual Wellness Visits

Medicare Annual Wellness Visits

If you are on Medicare, make sure to take advantage of your free annual wellness visit each year.

Medicare patients are eligible for a free annual wellness visit.

This is not the same as an annual physical exam. The wellness visit is a once-a-year appointment to identify what health risks you face and help you reduce your chance of developing a serious illness. The wellness visit is meant to prevent future health problems.

Medicare Annual wellness visits are free! There is no copay or coinsurance required. However, there may be a charge for tests or services resulting from the visit.

What happens at a wellness visit? We will:

  • Talk about your medical history and what medications you are taking.
  • Check your vital signs: Measure your height, weight and blood pressure.
  • Give you a health risk assessment, which tells you how likely you are to develop certain illnesses.
  • Review how well you are able to do daily activities.
  • Make sure you are up to date on health screenings and vaccines that are appropriate for you.
  • Create a personalized plan to help you avoid certain future medical problems.
  • Talk about planning for your future care if someday you are unable to make decisions for yourself.

To schedule your Medicare annual wellness visit:

Call your Vanderbilt clinic or healthcare provider and request an appointment for your “Medicare annual wellness visit.”  

Thank you for choosing Vanderbilt for your care.