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My Health Chat

My Health Chat

We understand that many patients and caregivers have questions about health. We offer support through live chats to help provide you with answers. 

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Advancements in Health Care
VIDEO: Advances in Diabetes Research - June 2012
VIDEO: Your Genome and the Future of Medicine - March 2012

Bone and Joint
Back Surgery: Types, Risks and Benefits - October 2013

Acoustic Neuroma: What Are Your Treatment Options - October 2013
Epilepsy: What Are Your Treatment Options - May 2013

Managing Your Spring Allergies - April  2014
Surviving Spring: Managing Your Allergies and Asthma - February 2013

Colon and Rectal Cancer - March 2014
Nutrition During Cancer Treatment - December 2013
Pancreas Cancer, Pancreatitis and other Pancreatic Conditions - December 2013
Managing the Side Effects of Cancer - November 2013
Hereditary Cancer: Your Questions Answered - September 2013
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VIDEO: Autism and Other Developmental Disabilities - February 2012
VIDEO: Innovations in Pediatric Cardiology, Neonatology and Genomic Medicine - January 2012

Orthodontic Options for Children and Adults - January 2014

Digestive Disease
Inflammatory Bowel Disease - May 2014

Disease Prevention
Cholesterol - February 2014
Obesity: Trends and Treatments - March 2013
Smoking Cessation - February 2013


Love Your Heart: Ways to Manage Risk and Keep it Healthy - February 2014
VIDEO: Innovation in Heart Care and Genomic Medicine - November 2011

Pressure Relief Network: DASH Diet and Hypertension - February 2013
Sugar Blues - January 2014

Skin Care
Erasing the Signs of Aging: What Works and What Doesn't - January 2013

Women's Health

Female Urinary Incontinence: May 2014

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